Manifesto for an Inspirational Business ®

Business can be inspirational. We’re making a world of difference through socially conscious entrepreneurship. These are some of the core values and philosophies behind our strategies.

Be Sustainable.

Financial sustainability will not grow out of fear. You must cultivate it with awareness.

Be Creative.

The perceived value of products and services is determined by the feelings they inspire.

Be Unique.

Finding your niche is knowing what you are, what you are not, and daring to be different.

Be Connected.

Serve from the heart. Long term business relationships aren’t based solely on commerce.

Be Known.

First sit in silence. Then get off your cushion and market your business like never before.

Be Visionary.

Open your mind to new possibilities. Step back from the daily grind and into your flow.

Be Giving.

It’s more fun to make money when your business plan includes contributing to a cause.