Breaking Out of the Bridal Beauty Business [VIDEO]

How do you change your business model when it’s based on special occasion services?

That’s what one of my viewers wants to do with her bridal beauty business. She has a nice thing going with her business partner who does hair and lash extensions. They work well together and they plan to keep their existing location, website, and overall branding. It’s just that our esthetician wants to be doing more facials and not just day-of makeup services. In this video, I give her my advice about how to restructure her services so that she can work with her clients at a much deeper level.

I think a good way for her to rebrand herself would be by keeping some of the bridal branding that she already has with her partner, but also by expanding the scope of her current services. Instead of having all of the services provided on the day of the wedding, perhaps it could be a good idea to move it back and take into perspective the big life transformation that the client is about to have. The client’s life transition is far more important than the big day.

I believe that anyone who has ever gotten married knows that the whole process of planning a wedding can be stressful and that having some stress reduction along the way can be really helpful. If she is interested in doing holistic skin treatments to improve overall skin health, then perhaps doing less invasive procedures over a longer period of time to really create a change in well-being might be a good approach.

I think that for this situation, the best approach would be to create a three-month package that includes a series of treatments. This would mean getting rid of most of the à la carte menu items and creating a three-month package that includes a certain number of custom facials at regular intervals, as well as all of the things that would help get her client ready for that big day. It is important to mention that this package would include working on clearing the skin, reducing the appearance of blemishes and fine lines, and that it also addresses any other concerns that the bride might have. It is also appropriate to add things that are related to the big day such as hand treatments to make sure that wedding ring photographs look nice, as well as for the décolleté and back for those strapless dresses. The package should focus on the client’s whole head-to-toe sense of beauty and on stress relief. By selling it in a three-month package, it gives her the chance to support her client and build trust along the way, and there is still room for her to do day of services as well.

There is also the possibility of throwing in a free après-honeymoon treatment. During her honeymoon, the bride will likely be exposed to some elements that are harsh on the skin. If the bride had a free treatment booked for when she gets back from her honeymoon, then this could potentially also foster interest into going on a maintenance plan. If the bride is pleased with the three-month package, then the bride is likely going to want to keep getting results. An après-honeymoon treatment looks like a freebie, but it is a great opportunity to have ongoing services beyond the big day and also allows the bride to have that space to take care of herself on an ongoing basis.

Help the client make space for her “me time,” before and after the wedding, when her life gets filled up with “we time.”


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