Class: How to Discover Your Delicious Niche with Nutritional Aesthetics®

Ready to spice up your holistic health or beauty niche? Join me for this special webinar:

How to Discover Your Delicious Niche with Nutritional Aesthetics® on Tuesday June 21, 2016 at 4pm Eastern.

Nutritional Aesthetics® is an integrative approach to healthy skin. This skin-health link combines healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices with natural skincare products and non-invasive aesthetic treatments, which builds a strong and sustainable foundation for optimum beauty, skin health, and longevity.

In this special webinar I’m presenting for the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance, I’ll be teaching you how to differentiate yourself from your competition and attract more clients with Nutritional Aesthetics®. This is an emerging trend that I’ve been watching for the last couple of years. Some of you aestheticians, nutritionists, and health coaches have been studying the effects of nutrition on skin for some years now. However, consumers are just starting to connect the dots. Interest in organic food is often the gateway for them to think about not just what goes in their body, but what goes on it as well. I’ll be sharing some industry growth statistics on the webinar, so you can see the opportunity for yourselves! 

You will learn how to blend nutritional and aesthetics modalities together, so that your niche is smooth and not lumpy.

I will also walk you though the same steps that I take my clients through, so you can cook up your delicious niche at home.

You’ll have a chance to ask your questions at the end of the class.

You’ll even have an opportunity to get my Delicious Niches Recipe Book with slides and handouts for free!

This class is only $29 (regularly $49.) If you are a member of the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance, you will be able to attend for free! This special offer is my way of supporting you and the NAA, a fantastic professional organization for the newly emerging field of Nutritional Aesthetics®.

REGISTER NOW! Starts soon on Tuesday June 21, 2016 at 4pm Eastern. Hope to see you enrolled!


PS: Yes, there will be a replay available! Register now and you can watch later.


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Jaya Savannah - Chief Inspiration Officer. Strategy Coach for Holistic Businesses. Trainer, speaker, and writer. Spiritually aware, yet street smart. Elephant lover.

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