Insider Secrets to Retail Success [Dermascope Magazine]

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For those of you with Dermascope magazine subscriptions, be sure to take a peek at page 57 of the January issue for my Insider Secrets to Retail Sales Success.

For the uninitiated, Dermascope is a premeir trade magazine for skincare professionals. Saundra Brown, the Managing Editor, invited me to share some of my best tips for increasing retail sales with you. I lept at the chance because there is so much to say on this topic. We have a wealth of product knowledge training in this industry, but precious little in the way of actual sales training–especially training that fits with the spa services culture. YES, you can sell retail without selling your soul!

Although I don’t have permission to repost the article here, I’m hoping that some of you Dermascope readers might respond with a few comments on the blog. Let’s get a dialogue going. I’m happy to share what I’ve learned and answer any questions you have about selling retail in your esthetics practice.


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