Don’t Get Scammed Out of Your Domain Name

Dont Get ScammedHaving just come though a very unpleasant situation where I had to personally negotiate with a website designer who was holding my client’s domain name hostage, this article really hit home.

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The incompetent and passive-aggressive website designer I had to negotiate with had registered my clients domain name in his OWN name. When he turned into a flake, and was extorting payments from her for work that was never completed, she wanted to regain control of her site and find someone new to work with. That’s when we discovered that he had purchased her domain under his own name, and he was the only one who had the powers (and passwords) to control the domain name’s usage.

It was a lack of experience at the root of this, as she didn’t know this this had happened and probably wouldn’t have understood the implications if she had been asked her preferences at the time. We found out later, after there was bad faith and tension under way. I had to step in like a mother bear protecting her cub and handle it (and it looks like we’ve got the transfer in her name now.)

The good news is that she learned a whole lot from this aggravation, and has even decided to rebuild her own website using the easy template-based website builder I use (and my company offers.) She went from being a website victim to becoming a website creator, with just a little effort–and tons of motivation to be in control of her own site.

Similarly, I’ve seen my husband suffer from not having control over his information before too. In his case, it wasn’t beeing scammed so much as friends who were “helping him,” assumed he would never have the skill level to do his own tech work, and they never gave him log-in and password information for important website services. (He should have known to document that up front.) Later, when he needed access to those services, he couldn’t even remember what friend had set them up. He was locked out of things he needed.

Seriously, this is a very common scenario, and you need to understand how this works. Read this article, it’s very important: Scammed Out of Your Domain?


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