NEW 4-DVD Set: The Powered-Up! Front Desk

The Powered-Up! Front Desk:
Creating a Highly Effective Spa & Salon Reception Team

If you’ve got a front desk, you need this DVD program.

Your front desk staff is one of the most important influences on the profitability of your spa or salon. It is often the first point of contact with your customers, is in charge of your service scheduling, and largely responsible for how smoothly your business flows and operates daily. However, proper front desk training is often overlooked by management, resulting in lost revenues, employee turnover, and customer dissatisfaction.

In this informative 4 DVD set (filmed at the live 1-day seminar) Jaya Schillinger and Keith West-Harrison will share with you the techniques they have developed over years of training front desk teams. Beyond the computer and cash-handling aspects of job training that you already do now, you and your staff will learn how to turn the front desk into a profitability machine:

  • Making a good first impression
  • How to multi-task at the front desk
  • Sell more of your premium priced services
  • Fill more of your hard-to-sell appointment hours
  • Client rebooking techniques
  • Up-sell with gift certificate packages
  • Clear out slow-moving retail items at full price!
  • Bonus: Includes the seminar handouts on CD-Rom, so you can print them out.

Don’t miss this chance to get the tools you need to train your front desk team! These simple but proven strategies will help you get the most value from your reception staff and will pay for itself many times over with increased revenues. Even this traditionally high-turnover position can help generate the vital income your company needs —and you’ll tap that hidden resource as soon as you implement even a few of our strategies. [Testimonials below.]

Price: $249 for the 4-DVD set and the handouts on CD-rom.

We offer a money-back guarantee to make sure you’re 100% delighted with your purchase.

Special note for spa & salon employees:

This is one educational product your employer will find worthy of paying for, so be sure to tell them about it!

Testimonials from The Powered-Up! Front Desk Seminar Attendees:

“I got a lot out of The Powered-Up! Front Desk class as an owner. I was going to send my front desk person but she had family obligations. I’m glad it worked out that I went and would recommend it to other owners as well. The class had a lot of good suggestions which I am going to implement ASAP. Also, I don’t know about other owners but I always wonder “how do the big spas handle this situation?” Talking to some of the girls that are in this position gave me some insight into their front desk policies. Very interesting! It was good for me to step out of the esthetician world and into the “Front Desk” position. I might add too that it really helps as owners to know that you’re not alone in your endeavor. Thanks for a great class!”

Cindy Martin, Owner of A Thousand Cranes Day Spa in Modesto, California

“The girls loved the front desk class. We had a company meeting this morning and they have a lot of great ideas now to implement!! Thank you so much again!!”

Debbie Savino, Owner of Aquablue Skin & Body Spa in Salinas, California

“What an absolutely wonderful wealth of information Jaya & Keith gave…I came away with 5 new tools to implement. It was entertaining and informative.”

Jeannine Fernandes, Front Desk Staff Member at Glen Ivy Day Spa in Valencia, California

“The industry knowledge was spot on! It’s nice to talk and listen to others who understand! I can wait to implement some of the new ideas learned here today. The instructors’ presentation skills were great! Very knowledgeable, and the handouts will prove to be very helpful in training our staff to be exceptional.”

Front Desk Staff Member

“I feel this information is necessary to every spa. I was never bored, because it was very entertaining. It was very useful in day-to-day life in general, and I’m taking back the motivational techniques. And I’ll definitely use sales techniques for my staff.”

Front Desk Staff Member

“Very knowledgeable. Wonderful! I loved, absolutely loved this training. I can’t wait to share all I’ve learned. The pace of the class was good, not too fast, and touched on every subject. It was very useful. This experience is really going to impact me and my staff in a wonderful way. I had a great time. All of you are excellent coaches/consultants. I had a wonderful time and I learned so much. Thank you.”

Front Desk Staff Member

“Jaya & Keith’s knowledge was wonderful. I plan to share this great knowledge with my staff! The flow was smooth and kept me involved throughout the entire class. The information is very useful, well organized, and very well orchestrated!”

Spa Owner

“My favorite segment of the training was Jaya’s inspiration segment with personal connections…The seminar was great. The funny energetic presentation kept it interesting.”

Mandy Drane, Front Desk Staff Member

“I enjoyed how they both knew about all the subjects & how they both threw in their personal input. They went at a pace where everyone kept up, and were able to answer all of our questions. I think that all of the info they gave us was where we needed it, in real situations. The environment was great. It was serious, but not too serious–they made it FUN. They gave us real situations and told us how we could handle them, with what we should & shouldn’t do.”

Front Desk Staff Member

“The instructors were very organized with information. They were clear about what we should and should not do at the spa. They made me feel very comfortable because of the way they interacted with the group. My favorite part was product selling, and ways to promote an item that is not selling & product knowledge.”

Denise Lepe Mercado, Staff Member at Aquablue Skin & Body Spa in Salinas, California

“Great presenters with interesting & relevant life histories. The pace of the class was not too slow or too fast, and I appreciated the visual and auditory presentation. I took lots of notes & plan to use all the information! The instructors were entertaining, thorough, informative, and the class was very well organized. They involved the entire class. Very friendly. I liked the retail segment and how they gave examples of selling services and explaining services to clients. Thanks! I feel very motivated!”

Jennifer Torres, Refresh Day Spa

“They really know what they are doing! They answered all my questions and doubts. It was informative and fun, unlike other seminars. It was all organized. The handout portfolio was great! Good interaction. My favorite was retail. Very informative and they answered all questions. Everything was great!”

Jazmin Diaz, Front Desk Staff Member at Aquablue Skin & Body Spa in Salinas, California


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