Fitness Infomercial Secrets You Should Swipe [VIDEO]

In this video, I share with you some insider secrets I learned from participating in a fitness infomercial. Swipe these ideas for your business! The topic is perfect for fitness trainers, yoga teachers, or Pilates instructors developing new programs, but the same principals apply to any health practitioner with a program that is supposed to deliver tangible results such as weight loss.

I really had fun creating the Saturday Night Live style spoof in the beginning. Hope you get a giggle out of it.

The following are some direct links to the US Federal Trade Commission’s policies I referenced in the video.

General FTC policies that ALL businesses should read:

Advertising FAQ’s: A Guide for Small Business
Focusing on federal truth-in-advertising standards, this A-to-Z primer is an essential resource for businesses of any size.

The FTC’s Revised Endorsement Guides: What People are Asking [PDF]
Answers to questions people are asking about the FTC’s revised Endorsement Guides, including information about disclosing material connections between advertisers and endorsers.

Weight loss-specific policies that anyone claiming that result should read:

Voluntary Guidelines for Providers of Weight Loss Products or Services [PDF]
These guidelines, developed by a panel of weight management companies, medical professionals, and consumer protection groups, can help you give consumers the accurate information they need when evaluating weight loss products and services.

Gut Check: A Reference Guide for Media on Spotting False Weight Loss Claims
To help media outlets spot false weight loss representations — “gut check” claims — the FTC has compiled a list of seven advertising claims that are likely to be a tip-off to deception. Take the quiz to see if you can trust your gut to spot them.

Read the above as a starting point before you launch and market your programs. Also, my own disclaimer here, I am not an attorney. My post is to alert you to some legal mistakes and point you in the right direction. You should also consult with a business attorney to address your specific situation and protect yourself accordingly.


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