Got employees? Then get this free management training video

To have a successful team, you must learn to take responsibility for business operations without taking on all of the work yourself. How smoothly this goes depends on more than the talent and skills of your workers-it depends on how skilled and talented you become at being a team leader.

Here is a video that will give you or your manager a boost in your leadership skills. Originally, this was a live presentation, but for those that missed it, I converted the audio to a slide show movie you can watch online. I’m also giving away the Mp3 if you prefer to listen on your iPod or phone.

Note that the conference was geared towards spa managers, but the content is relevant to wellness clinics, beauty salons, yoga studios–any business where you have practitioners working for you.

Click here to request access to the video.


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Jaya Savannah - Chief Inspiration Officer. Strategy Coach for Holistic Businesses. Trainer, speaker, and writer. Spiritually aware, yet street smart. Elephant lover.