Holistic Health & Beauty Business Trends 2015 [VIDEO]

Watch this video to learn what health and beauty services will be trending with consumers this year, so you can take advantage of new market opportunities in your holistic practice.

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readmorepink Holistic Health & Beauty Business Trends 2015

Happy new year! I’m Jaya Savannah, strategy coach for holistic businesses, and I want to talk about what’s going to be hot in holistic health and beauty businesses in the year 2015.

2014 RECAP

Before we take a look ahead, let’s take a quick look back at the year 2014. My trends video for last year predicted a lot of changes based on the newly implemented Affordable Care Act in the United States, and we’re still seeing a lot of changes in the health industry as a result of that.

Natural Anti-depressants

One of my big predictions last year was that we’d see a big increase in people seeking out information and methods about how to treat depression naturally. I predicted that that would come out of the fact that a lot more people would be having mental health care coverage now, and the choice as to whether to go on prescription meds or find a more alternative treatment was a real choice that people would be facing.

What I think is still going to be happening is that will still be a white-hot trend. People are still depressed, unfortunately, and part of it is that the Affordable Care Act has not really given people as much mental health care coverage as people were hoping to get. So you’re seeing a lot of people that don’t have the choice to go on prescription medications and are seeking alternative treatments. So if you are in the mental health realms or in nutrition or anything that touches on mood and trying to make people feel better with natural cures, I think that’s still going to be a white-hot trend for the year 2015.

Financial Recovery

Now, some other trends that we saw last year were about the financial recovery, and there was a spike in the luxury market. People were predicting it. I think, honestly, people were just hoping for it. Here’s the thing: the financial recovery is not being distributed equally, okay? We’re seeing some people having vast, vast wealth, but it’s not trickling down to the masses yet.

Luxury Market

So yes, it is true that the luxury market is there and you can ride that wave in your business, but be prepared that you will need to globalize if you’re going to go for the luxury market, or really be more location-specific. You will see big sums of money in the luxury market happening in China, Brazil, India, and pockets of the United States – especially the Silicon Valley, New York, the major metro areas. You will see small pockets of great wealth.

But overall, that money is not trickling down to the masses, and honestly, if you want a more sustainable business, I think you should go for the mid market. That’s really where people need you, although you’ve got to find ways to work with their frugality, which is still very much part of everybody’s decisions when it comes to buy.

Men’s Market

Now, a third trend that I predicted last year was a spike in men’s beauty care products. There’s a much hipper, younger generation of men who are much more open to using products and being more aware of their grooming. And last year, we saw the beginning of a real big market in men’s beard care – all kinds of boutique companies with shaving products and facial hair products and everything to help men maintain that cool goatee, beard, whatever it is that they’re rocking on their face. That trend I think will continue into 2015 as well.


Adrenal Fatigue

If you’re in the health care professions, a hot, hot trend this year is going to be treating adrenal fatigue. Now certainly, you practitioners have already been treating adrenal fatigue, probably for years – but have you noticed how much more the term is coming into awareness in the mainstream culture right now? People are hearing the term “adrenal fatigue.” We’re even finding medical doctors who have historically shunned it, because it is not an official diagnosis – starting to talk quietly about adrenal fatigue, no doubt because a lot of them have it. They’re burnt out, too. Look, after 7 years in the recession, everybody’s adrenals are cooked.

So, if you’re a health care professional and you treat adrenal fatigue, this is a fantastic year for you to launch a program related to that or a marketing campaign related to that, particularly if you have inexpensive ways for you to offer testing and treatment or guided programs for self-treatment, where people can recover from this debilitating and exhausting condition.

Sensory Integration

Another great opportunity for health care professionals in 2015 is in the niches related to sensory integration. Now, if you don’t know what sensory integration is, I’ll link a video that I opened the topic on a couple weeks ago. It’s basically related to the 15% to 20% of the population that have a more finely tuned nervous system. Some people have a very mild case where it just means that they have extra sensitive hearing, vision, and sense of smell, and they’re a little bit different than your average person.

But it is also a condition that can be very debilitating for some people. They have a hard time concentrating; they can’t be present; they have a hard time being around noise. It restricts where they can work, and it affects them in their day-to-day lives.

There is lots and lots and lots of emerging support for sensory-sensitive kids. There’s occupational therapists in practically every town treating this. If you look online, there are lots of blogs from professionals, and also a lot of moms with sensory-sensitive kids, teaching the different body therapies, movement therapies, and things that help to balance out the sensory system for the children.

Here’s the thing: there is a wide open market, also called a blue ocean strategy, that is available for people that are qualified and interested in teaching sensory-sensitive adults how to integrate their senses better. The thing is, the kids are now are being served because this information is new. Children are getting early treatment for their sensory sensitivity.

But as for the Baby Boomers, the Gen Xs, and a lot of the Millennials– when we were growing up this didn’t exist yet. So what’s happening is the kids are getting treated now, but there are a lot of sensory-sensitive adults that don’t even know that they are sensory-sensitive, and they don’t know how to get treatment to help them integrate it. They don’t know about the different treatments related to movement and massage and the things that will help their nervous system calm down so they can be more focused and present.

So, if you are a health care professional who can work and coach in those fields, I think you have a wide open market that is ready for that information and would gladly pay you a lot of money if you could serve them.

Body Weight Training

The top fitness trend for 2015 is going to be body weight exercises. A survey of fitness professionals put that as #1 this year, and I think part of the reason for that is body weight exercises are so extremely affordable. Anyone can do it. It’s perfect for this economy. You don’t need to buy equipment; you don’t need to buy a gym. And it’s portable. It’s something that can be done anywhere. So it’s really cool for the people that want to learn how to do those body weight exercises.

But here’s an additional reason why it’s hot: for you fitness professionals, you also don’t have to buy equipment for this. It’s also totally portable. So if you become a trainer who specializes in body weight exercise programs, you can lead those on retreat really easily. You don’t have to pack a bunch of stuff in your suitcase to do it. You can go on location to do it. So that’s going to be a really hot, easy trend for you to ride the wave of.


Okay, let’s talk beauty trends for 2015. For one thing, we’re going to see a big uptick in the number of weddings this year, and that’s because a lot of states have passed marriage equality laws, where more people can get married now that couldn’t before. So if you are in the beauty business, either doing makeup, or perhaps you provide ancillary services that are suitable for bridal parties, bachelor parties, weekend getaways from the family related to destination weddings, you’re going to have a lot of opportunity to get wedding work this year.

Farm to Face

A couple beauty trends this year really start to cross over into the health care realms, particularly nutrition. This is one for you aestheticians and also you nutritionists out there. A big trend right now is what is called the “farm to face” movement. You’ve heard of “farm to table,” right? The idea of eating local food, healthy, fresh, where you know the farmer and they promise you that there’s no bad stuff in the food and you’re using eco practices to grow it.

Well, that is starting to carry over into skincare products. People also want to know that your skincare ingredients are healthy and wholesome. For people that can tie that into a local food movement – you know, there’s a fascination people have with putting food into their facial care and seeing what kind of results that can produce. No, this is not the same as the old egg white facials and stuff from the ’60s; this is a much more modern approach. But if you have a spa, certainly in an area that is a resort area, or you’ve got access to farms, perhaps you can do some joint venturing in your marketing featuring some of those local food products in your services or in your product line. Really, really hot.

Nutrition and Skincare

Another way that that the line between aesthetics and nutrition line are starting to blur a little bit is that we’re seeing more and more cross-disciplinary aestheticians and nutritionists. They’re really bringing more awareness about how what you eat affects your skin. There’s people starting to get that trend already going; I think this trend is going to continue to go and glow. When people eat right, their skin looks great.

Another little mini-niche in there is that some aestheticians now are doing skincare coaching via Skype. I’m seeing that more and more. Everybody’s got a smartphone these days with Skype on it, and some aestheticians are offering coaching where a client will actually hold their smartphone up and be on camera, and the aesthetician is giving some coaching on how well their skincare regimen is going.

Now, this is different than just a straight-up product recommendation; it’s actually lifestyle coaching. So it crosses much more over into the health advising realm. But this is a little mini trend. I’m not sure how much it’s going to take off or not, but it’s something you might look into if you are the kind of person that wants to get out of just a local practice and start to work virtually. Doing some skincare coaching via Skype could be your ticket to freedom and getting out of the office and working from home a little bit more.

Boho Style

And last, let’s talk about fashion trends for 2015. It looks like the Boho style is back. I didn’t know it went away; I’m in California. Boho stands for Bohemian, if you’re not initiated, and basically that is the cool ’70s hippie chick, hippie chic. That look is back. Everybody’s predicting a lot of denim.

And that look really calls for the trend that we talked about last year, faux naturale. So it’s a pretty natural-looking makeup. Not necessarily no makeup, but a very natural-looking makeup, and the hair being very undone. So if you’re a hairstylist, the color trends that they’re predicting this year are much more natural coloring. For example, instead of a chunky panel kind of a highlight, we’re talking about this being a year for balayage, some nice subtle painted on highlights to go with that more loose, kind of hippie chic vibe – braids and natural hair accessories also being part of that look.

So those are my trends for 2015. What do you think? Did I miss anything big? I want to hear. What do you think are going to be the hot trends this year? So please, leave me a comment down below. Let’s have a conversation about it. And also, would you do me a favor? Share this. The more people that join in the conversation, the juicier it’s going to be. So leave a comment, share the video, and I really look forward to hearing what you have to say. Happy new year!

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