Q: How Many Spa Packages Are “Too Many?”

Menu22A: Twenty-two.

I know it’s really fun for practitioners to invent different menu items, but some places really over-do the packages. When there are too many choices, it’s overwhelming for people–even spa-savvy customers like me. I was browsing a spa website today, a place I hadn’t tried yet. But after reading 22 package options, I felt drained and didn’t actually call for an appointment. Yep. I bailed out.

After reading the first six, I was feeling like I wanted to go there. They did a good job of having nicely themed scrub/massage/facial packages. Really, what client needs more than a half-dozen options? Remember, you still have your ala carte menu for them to choose from. Too many choices isn’t doing the customer a favor, and I hate to sound negative, but it might not be doing your business a favor either. There’s no way of knowing how many potential customers you might be losing along the way. It’s only when someone gives you feedback on it, which is the point of my blog posting today.

This also reminds me of restaurant menus:

When you go into an upscale restaurant, the menu is usually on 1 or 2 pages. Typically, they’ll offer a featured item from each of the main protein groups (fish, steak, chicken) and a vegetarian option, along with starters, sides, and daily specials. In a wonderful restaurant, reading the menu is fun. You and your dining companions oooh and ahaa while deciding who’s going to have what.

Compare that with going into a restaurant that has a 6-8 page menu! Besides the overwhelm from trying to make a decision from a menu that size, don’t you start to wonder if the quality is up to par? It’s the jack-of-all-trades syndrome, leaving people to wonder if you’re the cliched “master of none.”

So my specific opinion is that a packages page on a spa menu should have between 2-4 tops.

What do you think? I’d like to hear from both the professional and customer point of views.


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