Inspiration, Inc. Changes Name To Jaya Savannah International [Press Release]


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Inspiration, Inc. Changes Name To Jaya Savannah International

SONOMA COUNTY, CA – Inspiration, Inc. a coaching and consultancy firm for holistic businesses has undergone a name change. Now operating under the name Jaya Savannah International, the company’s founder Jaya Savannah (formerly Jaya Schillinger) assures that despite the name changes and her website’s new design, her business coaching and training services are still focused on the needs of holistic professionals. “It was time to rebrand myself and my company. The marketplace previously recognized my company name and logo as being connected to me, but client referrals and promotion for me as a speaker were usually to me by name. Going forward, I will continue utilizing a team-based approach by collaborating on key projects and clients with my longtime colleagues, but from a marketing standpoint, it makes sense for me to step to the forefront of my own brand.” said Ms. Savannah.

In the field since 2004, Jaya Savannah is a business strategy coach that helps Day Spas, Wellness Centers, Medical Spas and Clinics, Acupuncturists, Nutritionists, Life Coaches and Spiritual Healers to name a very few. Her trademarked brand of Inspirational Business® coaching, consulting, and training services are tailored towards the needs of holistic-minded entrepreneurs and their customers. Ms. Savannah explains, “What mainstream companies consider ‘business as usual’ doesn’t necessarily work in our industries. Some of it needs to be reworked and translated so it’s a better fit, but quite frankly a lot of it should be junked, as it runs contrary to the values of what we are about.” Jaya Savannah International’s new website has recently launched. For more information, visit


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