Introverts Guide to Marketing Your Holistic Practice

Introverts Guide to Marketing

Ask alternative health, wellness, or beauty professionals what they love about their business and they will tell you it’s helping people. Ask what they least enjoy, and many will tell you it’s marketing. Part of that is because selling one’s own services feels like asking for something—not so easy for a person used to giving. Yet for more introverted holistic practitioners, it goes deeper than that. Marketing can bring up fears of being intrusive to others or of being drained by others. Those are things that introverts wish to avoid at all costs, even if it means business suffers. The solution to the introvert’s marketing dilemma is to find ways that work with your needs and not against them.

Here are three effective marketing methods for introverts to try:

Referrals. Introverts excel in one-on-one interactions. You’re a good listener and aren’t afraid to go deep. In fact, you usually prefer that to superficial chit chat. Your loyal clients get so much value from you that they would love a chance to reciprocate. Yet, it’s the norm that clients don’t always refer unless you ask them to. Sometimes it just doesn’t occur to them. Crazy as it sounds, sometimes they assume you might be too busy. So make sure you ask. Here’s a tip for super introverts. Next time a client says thank you, thank them back. Tell them how much you appreciate their loyalty, especially because you’re kind of shy about seeking out new clients. Then mention how much you would also appreciate any referrals they send your way. In other words, just OWN it. Your client will understand why their help is especially needed. Give your client 3 business cards. Trust me, they will leave thinking about who they can refer to you.

Facebook. Sure, Facebook can seem like it’s full of narcissists, but that’s not all it’s about. If you look past the selfies and hyper-promotion, there are millions of people who are real and engaging in enlightening conversation. Be one of them. Facebook is awesome for introverts because you can reach a lot of people at once without getting energetically drained. Participate on your own terms. Post content that feels in alignment with your values. Bring some beauty to the noise. Don’t be shy about self-promotion. Aim for 20% promotional content for your business. Ask people to share your page. You will have to learn how to do Facebook ads and pay for them, but since introverts lean towards the non-spammy approach (which works better in Facebook) you should be able to do really well with your ads.

Events. Yes, you read that right. Introverts can do well with marketing events. I know some of you would rather have hot tar poured up your nose than go to a crowded event, but there are ways to do it without draining yourself. First, you want to go to the right event. If you’re a holistic practitioner, you want to be at a place where your potential customers are. So already that will be a place with like-minded people like health conferences, wellness fairs, and so forth. Secondly, attend events of a size that you can tolerate. Work your way up to large events if need be. One of the best ways for an introvert to work an event is to speak. Being the one with a microphone is easy marketing because once you get past the nervousness of speaking, people will seek YOU out. If you can be extroverted for 20-50 minutes, then you can shift back to receptive introvert for the rest of the day. It’s gold for introverts (and extroverts too.)

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