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Dermascope 2008The Love is in the Details
by Crickett Cimino & Jaya Schillinger
DERMASCOPE Magazine, January 2008.

From DERMASCOPE editor Saundra Brown:

Client care is is such an immense topic, both in its scope and importance that we felt it demanded the attention of a complete issue. Beyond that we wanted the feature article to be extensive and complete. So we called upon two individuals to write the following piece based on their expertise in specific areas of customer service. We have taken both writer’s submissions and put them together for an overall examination of how to care for your clients from before they even arrive on your property until they return for their next appointment.

So with all that being said, you will sense a bit of difference in the writing styles, but both authors did an excellent job covering the details of their respective sections. Crickett focused on the journey of the senses and details of the clients; Jaya’s attention is centered on the knowledge of the aesthetician and how you can offer, and by the way your clients are seeking, so much more than just a good face massage during the treatment.

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Dermascope Jan 2008 Love is in the Details

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