May 5th TeleClass: Be Branded, Understanding the World of Private Label Products

BeBranded May 5, 2008. Free. Limited to 100 participants.

All of the famous skincare experts you know have their own brand. You see their products sold in their business, on their website, and in stores. Maybe you’re even selling their brand in your spa, salon, or website. What’s wrong with this picture?

Have you ever looked at those industry celebrities and thought, “Someday, when I’m famous and can afford it, I’d like to have my own brand of products, too.”

Stop the success sabotage of “someday” thinking. Be branded now!

  • You don’t need to be rich or famous to create your own brand of products.
  • You’ll never get rich selling someone else’s brand—although they will.
  • Your status as a perceived expert is much higher once you’re branded.
  • Profit margins on your own brand are much better–double, triple, even more!
  • You can launch your brand with a surprisingly low investment.
  • Creating your own brand is a lot easier than you think!
  • Be branded now! We’ll show you how. Come to our free teleclass.Keith-JayaBranding Guru Keith West-Harrison shares his years of advertising research experience and walks you through a fun and effective private label strategy.Spa Consultant and Life Coach Jaya Savannah explains the boost in business you see from branding. We’ll take a look at case studies, client interviews and more!

    Don’t miss this chance to learn the inside track of how the skincare product industry works, hear our secrets to creating your own successful brand, and have a powerful way to stand out among your competitors.

    This special FREE teleseminar is limited to the first 100 to register!

    Monday, May 5th, 2008. The call is for 90-minutes.

  • 4pm Pacific Time
  • 5pm Mountain Time
  • 6pm Central Time
  • 7pm Eastern Time
  • This free 90-minute call can save you years of struggle, trying to make your retail department pay off. Our strategies are designed to get your retail department working for you. We’re really looking forward to having you join us!

About the Author

Jaya Savannah - Chief Inspiration Officer. Strategy Coach for Holistic Businesses. Trainer, speaker, and writer. Spiritually aware, yet street smart. Elephant lover.