McDonalds Opens Chain of Spas in Canada


I was reading the April issue of Serial Entrepreneur Magazine, and was completely shocked to hear that McDonald’s is test-piloting a small chain of day spas:

After last year’s mad cow disease scare, the Canadians have been abandoning the American-burger fast food restaurant in droves. With managment teams being fired left and right, a new female executive for the failing company stepped in to stop losses quickly. Before getting her MBA in corporate downsizing strategies, Ivana Prank started out in the beauty business. So when she saw the square footage of management offices in the McDonalds stores going to waste, she saw opportunity, where others only saw the company’s grim failure. She said, “I thought to myself, why not makeover those depressing and dingy offices and turn them into spa relaxation rooms? Spas are the hot new thing, and we have a proven track record for creating a consistent guest experience. We can even include catered lunches with our spa packages.”

The rest of the article goes on to explain how they opened up one location as a test pilot so far, checking to see how customers respond to the new services. The have 5 others scheduled to open on Sunday, April 1st. One of the things that really surprised me is that the location is open 24-hours, and so is the spa. I can’t imagine trying to find staff to work those hours! It’s hard enough to find people that are willing to work every Saturday, let alone at 3am. But I haven’t spent much time working up in the Candadian spas. People tell me that they’re more open-minded and liberal than in the US. C’est la vie!

So what do you think? I’d dying to hear what you think of this!

[Post script: Happy April Fools Day! Yes, this is completely fictitious. I couldn’t resist a little prank today.]


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