Meet Us in Chicago? We’ll Be There in August

Attention spa professionals: Will you be attending the Spa Owners & Operators Business Clinic in Chicago next week? My associate Jennifer Sanchez and I will be there, and we’d love to meet you in person!

I’m presenting on Wednesday August 15th at 1pm. We plan on being there Tuesday afternoon through the end of the show on Thursday though, so we’ll have lots of time to do introductory consultations for you.

Let’s have some fun! We’re planning on a casual get-together on Wednesday evening, and you’re invited. We haven’t set a time and place for that yet, but do let us know if you can join in the fun, and we’ll make sure to let you know where we’ll be meeting. We can’t wait to see you!

Here’s the program I’m presenting on Wednesday:

RacetoFinishRacing to the Finish Line:
Avoiding Burnout Before Your Spa Reaches Maturity

You have a vision of your spa when it’s mature and running smoothly. Yet in the first 1-5 years, the finish line can start to seem distant. Once you’ve made it past the warm-up tasks and challenges of start-up, a new set of hurdles appear:

· New owners/managers may not feel confident in leadership yet
· Post-start up turnover sometimes occurs when business is slow
· Practitioner/owners find the business depends on their income
· New owners/managers find themselves over-working & under-earning, which is the fast-track to job dissatisfaction and burnout.

Your dreams & goals are achievable, but you must build stamina. Like a marathon runner, you need training. You must know your personal limitations, and how to work with them. In this motivating personal & professional development course, certified coach Jaya Schillinger will show you the road markers for success and give you the endurance techniques to reach them.

Note that DSA & IMSA members get a special discount.

Hope to see you in Chicago next week!


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