Meet Us in Vegas February 5-7 at the Day Spa, Healthy Aging, & Wellness Expo!

Meet us in person at the fastest-growing national spa & wellness shows in the United States!

Hands-down, this is our favorite holistic business educational and networking event of the year.

The Day Spa, Healthy Aging, & Wellness Expo is definitely for you if you are:

A Day Spa, Resort, Destination, Medical, Medi-Spa or Wellness Center. Whether you are an owner, operator, director, manager, and/or an esthetician, technician or practitioner that has management and/or purchasing responsibilities for their facilities, the Day Spa Expo is made for you.

Filling Spa & Holistic Professionals Needs:

Since 2006, this expo is filling a gap that has existed for spa professionals in the industry for many years. This event is dramatically affecting the day spa segment in a very positive way across the entire country. You’ll receive solid business information, education and knowledge that gives you the expertise, skills, and management tools to enhance and streamline your spa’s operations, as well as increase profits and decrease costs. Meet hundreds of great quality vendors to shop for everything they need for your facility, as well as network and build vital long-term strategic partnerships. This is a fun event to spend time with us in person!

Come mix and mingle, and let us give you some free coaching and training!

Look for us in the Preston Spa Business Solutions booth on the show floor:

Booth #551

We’re creating a mini-classroom there, where you can learn some of our top strategies on business development—for no additional charge. Just buy your full-conference expo ticket, or even just your tradeshow exhibit hall pass, and join us!

Schedule of Events Where You’ll Find Us:

Tuesday, February 5th:

In the Full-Conference Business Forum, Special Interest Mini-Track:

Jennifer Sanchez:
Employee Attitude Rehab (in Spanish)

2:00 – 3:45 pm

Inspiration, Inc. consultant Jennifer Sanchez will be presenting a special track just for Spanish-speaking holistic professionals. We know how sometimes participants who speak English as a 2nd language sometimes feel left out, and since Jennifer is bi-lingual, she’s got you covered! There will be other presenters doing Spanish-language programs that day too, as well as spa professionals from all over the world at this international mini-track. If you speak Spanish, be sure to attend on Tuesday!

Wednesday, February 6th:

In the Preston Spa Business Solutions Tradeshow Floor Booth, #551:

Come to our booth for free classes! All day, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

Jaya Schillinger:
Rebooking Strategies to Build a Solid Clientele & Double Your Income
9:30 – 10:30 am

You can’t build an empire without a stable foundation. You’ve got to stay focused on the business building blocks of developing your practice. You work hard to generate customers. Make sure you’re doing what it takes to keep them coming back!

In Rebooking Strategies to Build a Solid Clientele & Double Your Income Jaya Schillinger will get you back on track with the core business essential of proper rebooking:

· The financial and customer service costs of not rebooking clients

· An easy way to double your income

· A natural, no-pressure way to ask for clients to book their next service

If you’re an owner, alternative health professional, spa technician, manager, or front desk team member, you’ll be able to implement these strategies as soon as you’re back from the Day Spa Expo!

Jennifer Sanchez:
Consult & Leverage the Existing Patient: Keys to Successful Consultations
10:30 – 11:30 am

How Profitable IS Your Spa? Control Your Spa’s Profitability. Discover the Tools to Building a Profitable Medical Spa!

Attention all spa:
•Medical Directors

If you work in any of these areas chances are you want to your spa to be profitable, but aren’t quite sure how to make sure the spa is performing at peak performance level. Making your spa more profitable does not necessarily mean you have to run out and buy new equipment, hire more practitioners, or spend thousands of dollars on a poorly thought out media campaign.

One of the biggest challenges facing physicians is how to do a proper cosmetic consultation. Most physicians treat just one problem and don’t realize that a cosmetic consultation includes treating the mind and body.

Spend thirty minutes with Jennifer and you will take home little nuggets of profitability building wisdom that you and your staff can implement immediately. Successful spas are successful because there is team participation.

•How to master the cosmetic consultation
•How to diagnose the whole body
•How to add treatments that will compliment your current treatments (and add to your bottom line)
•Keys to successful consultations that meet your patients needs

Thursday, February 7th:

In the Full-Conference Business Forum:

Keith West-Harrison:
The Spa Retail Magician

8:30 am – 10:00 am

Fear is keeping your spa from being successful. Not after this session!

Anyone who has had even brief experience in spa management will be an expert in reciting the challenges the position brings: unreliable employees, weak sales, customer and therapist retention-just for starters. That list is usually reviewed with a tone of hardened frustration and defeat. And rightfully so, as the competing expectations of spa producers and managers expand faster than solutions are found and implemented.

You can revise the service menu, give raises, and rewrite the mission statement, but without uncovering and treating the prevailing institutional fear in company culture, you’ll make no more progress than if trying to cure an infection with chicken soup. There’s some short-term pain relief, yes, but the silent threat continues to grow and grate at the foundations of the business affected by it. This predicament is one of the most expensive and debilitating that your company can have because everyone involved suffers from it in some way.

The “Spa Retail Magician” Keith West-Harrison, D.D., L.E. became President of Preston Spa Business Solutions after selling his award-winning New Orleans spa and being featured on two seasons of the AOL reality show The Start-Up. Keith was a business consultant and operations lead for a major advertising research firm, advising Fortune 500 companies.

In the Preston Spa Business Solutions Tradeshow Floor Booth, #551:

Come to our booth for free classes! All day, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Jaya Schillinger:
Front Desk Secrets Revealed

12:30 – 1:30 pm

How much income are you losing through your front desk? Your front desk staff is the first line of customer service and sales for any spa or salon, yet underperformance can be one of the biggest financial leaks in your business

In Front Desk Secrets Revealed, Jaya Schillinger will show you the keys that make your front desk a powerful money-producing part of your spa or wellness clinic:

Sell more of your premium priced services
Fill more of your hard-to-sell appointment hours
Up-sell your gift certificate packages
Clear out slow-moving retail items at full price

More fun educational events await you at the expo!
We’re going to host a special evening event on Wednesday night (anyone remember last year’s when we had to tear down a wall to make room for everyone?!) We’ve got another fun program scheduled again. We will also have a flyer with the complete listing of our booth classes posted soon. So check back in, if you want updates!

See you in Las Vegas!


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