Monthly Marketing Themes for Newsletters and Facebook [Free Offer]

Feeling stuck on what to write for your monthly newsletter or blog? Know you should be posting something on your Facebook page, but don’t want to come off as too commercial or annoying? The solution is to focus your creativity and promote it in an organized way that engages your audience. To help you do that, I created a simple at-a-glance Marketing Content Planner that includes:

  • 12 Months of Theme Ideas for your Newsletter or Blog.
    • Several ideas per month. Pick and choose one you like.
    • Cross off ones you’ve used and try a different one next year.
    • Includes major holidays for promotional tie-ins.
  • 7 Days of Content Ideas for your Facebook or Tweets.
    • Strikes a balance between promotion & being personable.
    • Uses a mix of content types to keep your page interesting.
    • Prompts you to think about your expertise in new ways.

Marketing Content Planner

Deliberately easy.
One page PDF.
Nothing to study.
Will save you lots of time.
Best of all? It’s FREE for members of my VIP List (which is also free.) Simply enter your name and email address at the top banner of my website. Once you confirm your membership, you’ll receive another email with the download link.



About the Author

Jaya Savannah - Chief Inspiration Officer. Strategy Coach for Holistic Businesses. Trainer, speaker, and writer. Spiritually aware, yet street smart. Elephant lover.