Music: Ethereal by Mark Schillinger Now on iTunes

EtherealMark Schillinger is a well-known chiropractor, and equally known as a musician. He plays keyboards and drums…everything from Afro-beat to reggae to new age. After years of playing live with his musician friends (they opened for Deepak Chopra last year) Mark finally has his first solo album out.

Mark has been studying sound healing for many years. In fact, he gave me my first set of tuning forks for energetic healing about 6 years ago. Ethereal is more than just beautiful to listen to. It’s music that makes people feel well. He’s been getting rave reviews from other healing music pioneers, like our friend Steven Halpern. My spa clients tell me it’s one of their absolute favorite CD’s to play at work.

Here’s the link to buy Ethereal by Mark Schillinger on iTunes


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