New 8-DVD Set: Power-Up! Practitioners Business Course

Power-Up! Practitioners Business Course: The Spa Career and Personal Confidence Booster 8-DVD Set with CD-Rom of Materials

Here it is! A one-of-a-kind learning experience for the success-minded holistic practitioner. Hosted and led by spa retail guru Keith West-Harrison and spa consultant & life coach Jaya Savannah (formerly Schillinger) this empowering 8-DVD training program will help you to take your practice to the next level of excellence and personal income! Whether you are a solo practitioner or manage a team, this breakthrough DVD training program will teach you everything you wish you’d learned in practitioner training school about building up your practice, but didn’t. Consider this your post-secondary business education! If you are a holistic services professional of any kind—spa, medical spa, alternative health practitioner, or customer service-minded salon professional—Power-Up! Practitioners Business Course is the program for you.

Who says that education has to be a serious affair? This course is educational, practical, and also FUN! Expect to be challenged, to laugh, to grow, and to see your career from an entirely new and uplifting perspective. This is more than a training seminar—it’s your ticket to a better way of life! Keith-JayaKeith West-Harrison is one of the most successful and entertaining sales trainers in the business, and you can expect him to share with you the techniques that brought him success at his New Orleans spa! You don’t have to be the most experienced professional or work in the most beautiful spa to become a tremendous success in business, but you DO need to have and follow a great plan. And we have that plan for you!

Jaya Savannah specializes in coaching spa professionals to rapidly grow their business through inner and outer excellence. Instead of feeling like you have to “sell yourself,” all the time, Jaya will help you to capitalize on your unique gifts and win clients over with your authenticity and exceptional customer service. Stop worrying about the competitive spa market, and let us show you how to polish up your skills and shine like the valuable professional that you are!

This is just some of what you’ll learn from our breakthrough training program:

• How to improve your personal and career confidence • Discover your unique niche and how to market your services

• Client psychology: what customers really want from their treatments • A client consulting technique that will win you top service and retail sales income!

• A personality profiling system that helps you to communicate with different types of customers so they immediately like and trust you.

• How to please any client that arrives late for an appointment with you (and be even happier than if they had come on time!)

• Client rebooking, retail, and referral strategies that will help you build a loyal clientele while also doubling your income.

• The Fame Game: how you, too can become a celebrity in the industry by capitalizing on your own unique talents and creating treatment protocols that newspapers and magazines love to write about!

Power-Up! spa and holistic service professionals are special people, the true achievers in an increasingly crowded field. Spa, salon, medical spa, and wellness clinic employers and customers are looking for only the best experts for jobs, advancements and services. Do you have what it takes to go to the next level of knowledge and skill?

PowerUp PractitionersBuy your copy of our hottest practitioner’s training program today, and train yourself and all of your current spa, salon, medical spa, and wellness clinic employees with it now. Then whenever you hire new employees, have them watch the DVD’s too. Think of all the time you’ll save by having a standardized training system—but what you’ll really love is how much more money you’ll be making and how confident you’ll start to feel when we show you how to sell services and products without selling your soul.

Let us Power-Up! your holistic practice for you! The Power-Up! Practitioners Business Course includes: 8 DVD’s from our 2-day live seminar. 1 CD-Rom with PDF’s of presenter’s slides, sample consultation forms, worksheets, & handouts. $549 plus shipping/handling. • This item is shipped Priority Mail, so you’ll receive it quickly. • We offer a money-back guarantee to make sure you’re 100% delighted with your purchase.

Special note for spa, salon, medical spa, & wellness clinic employees: Power-Up! is one educational experience your employer will find worthy of paying for, so be sure to tell them about it!

The brand-new Power-Up! Practitioners Business Course DVD sets are in stock and ready to Priority Mail to you.

Testimonials from Previous Power-Up! Students: “2006 started with Power-Up! (Practitioner’s Business Course) and ended with a six figure gross for this solo esthetician! I set goals at Power Up! that I thought were ridiculous at the time. Especially the monetary goal I set. Power Up! helped me not only achieve my monetary goals, it helped me achieve many personal goals. My small business grossed six figures in 2006 which was a huge increase over the previous year. Since Power Up I have streamlined my business to three days a week and still doubled my personal service sales. I have fired clients who did not fit the practice I envisioned for myself and they still are happy because I found them somewhere that fit them better . I have gone to a referral only model and have a 75% retention rate on all new clients. Power Up! rocks!!!!” Annamarie Lubow, Esthetician/Owner of Anna M Skincare in Idaho Falls, ID

“As a skin care salon owner, I am in constant search for ways to keep my estheticians educated. They love learning, as it keeps them inspired. But good classes are few and far between. I have my own skin care line, so it’s not advantageous to send them to a class taught by a skin care company, as their push will be on their product line. So, it doesn’t leave me with many options. I sent three of my estheticians to the Power Up! class and boy, was it ever educational! This two day class taught them about what you really need to know to succeed in this business: the relationship you have with your client and how to make it the best it can be. Looking at this business from a true understanding of what the clients really want, versus what WE think they want, is a real eye opener, and Jaya Schillinger and Douglas Preston shed the light on it. Giving the most advanced, most cutting-edge facial does not guarantee your success. But being taught the tools to connect with your clients is what it’s all about. As Douglas Preston always says, “the one thing that your competition can’t duplicate is the relationship you have with your client.” And this class will show you the secrets. My estheticians got so much inspiration from this class and it was worth every penny! If you want to be truly successful, this class is a must!”Renee Rouleau, President of Renee Rouleau Skin Care Salon in Plano, Texas

“Your experience in the industry shines through. The tools that you gave are awesome. The VIP topic was a huge new concept. The instructors’ presentation skills were outstanding. They personally got to know each participant. My favorite segments were the 3 R’s for reinforcement. (The section called Shine) was my little healing session. The VIP segment because I know it will build my business, retention, and loyalty. I liked the press & promoting yourself information, too.” Susie Raymond, Esthetician/Owner of White Sage Spa in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“What a great 2 days I had at Power-Up! It was just the right mix of material, made perfect sense, and was just the kick in the pants that I needed.” Laura Wilson, Esthetician/Owner of Pacific Skin Care in Santa Cruz, California

“I honestly struggled with whether or not this was the right time for me to attend something like Power Up. My business is brand new, so there’s not much left over money in my budget and just enough income to cover expenses at this point, but I can honestly say that making the investment in Power Up was the smartest decision I’ve made thus far…Thank you for a fabulous weekend and I look forward to working with you in the future.” Michelle Krueger, Esthetician/Owner of SkinCare Solutions in Cedarburg, Wisconsin

“The return is almost immeasurable. My best day before, excluding Christmas gift certificates was $1200.00, but my average was about $500. With the new client interview technique, I have had six $1000 days—boosting my average to $700/800, and one day totaling nearly $3000.! For an esthetician in business just a little over a year, in a totally new location, with pricing in this area well-below metropolitan areas, that is nothing short of amazing!!! And the client feedback is amazing as well. All have greatly appreciated the extra care and attention and gladly agreed to add-ons and entirely new product programs. One in particular stands out because she interrupted me mid-sentence and told me that she had been getting facials for nearly 20 years and never had anyone ask her the questions I asked or be such a “true professional” She now calls herself my “client for life,” after only 3 sessions. She wanted to purchase all new products with her 10 session microderm package—she bought everything….I mean everything! I have noticed a really big difference between the new clients and prior ones and would love to know a graceful way to introduce this interview with those clients. Most of all its been really rewarding to create such solid client relationships right away. The new clients have been telling all their friends and it wont be long before $1000 is a slow day. Thank you so much!!! I must also give you a plug and thank you for your Inspirational Days & Nights CD. Since I don’t have time to actually put aside to listen to it, I made a compromise. I listen to it in the car on my way to and from the shop. It gets me focused by the time I get there and helps me unwind on the drive home. Its been a great tool for me to get really clear on what I need to do that day other than seeing clients and helps me to let go of “The List” of things to do in my head. Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective. Thank you.” Dawn McGrath, Esthetician/Owner of Serenity Zone Day Spa in Nevada City, CA

“You both know your stuff! Thanks for the great ideas! Your presentation skills are very good. It’s great to be taught by you both! You were very organized and I felt like I was part of the class and was able to get my questions answered. It’s great to also have the actual material (to print out in a binder.) The most fun part of the class was the Personality Keys. The most useful parts were the VIP session and the 3 R’s. Thank you for all your hard work to help me.” Miriam Lytle, Esthetician/Owner of Wolf Mountain Day Spa in Grass Valley, CA

“The instructors’ presentation skills were very good. They included everyone. The manual will be very helpful in the future. My favorite segment of the training was bringing in the spiritual and business aspects.” Stacey Ehlers, Owner of Santa Fe Massage in Santa Fe, NM


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