On iPods and Pedicures

PolishesAfter working on some projects all weekend, I tore myself away from the computer at 5 o’clock today. Some serious pampering is in order over over here! It would be impossible to book an appointment at a spa this late, but sometimes the nail spa I visit has late openings for me. They did, and I grabbed a bottle of nailpolish and headed out the door. Does anyone else bring their own polish? I usually do.

When I arrived a tad early, they set me up with a cucumber footbath to soak while I waited. I had brought a magazine–I bring those too, so I don’t get stuck with celebrity gossip rags. But then I remembered that my iPod was in my purse, along with ear phones, and it was freshly loaded with a bunch of new music. I whipped the adult-babysitter out of my bag and contentedly listened to some music.

It was great! Why hadn’t I thought of this before? It was much better than trying to turn pages of a book or magazine during a manicure.

If there are any nail technicians reading, I’m curious: does it bother you when people put their iPods on during services?

As a client, it was great. I didn’t feel chatty today–quite the opposite. I just wanted to chill out during my manicure and pedicure. My nail tech commented that many of her clients bring their iPods now, and she didn’t seem to mind. The volume was low enough that we could exchange a little small talk, but then I was blissfully free to relax. I’ll make sure to bring it next time too.

What do you think: is it okay to use an iPod during manicures & pedicures? What about watching iPod videos vs. listening to music? Where would you draw the line with technology in different enviroments such as nail salons, hair salons, and spas?


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