How to Outsource Tasks on Fiverr [VIDEO]

Outsourcing Business Tasks on Fiverr. How to get things done, while saving money, and not get burned in the process.

Show Notes:

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Fiverr is really good for outsourcing one-off tasks, but you need to learn how to shop smart there. This video can save you a lot of time, money, and headaches.

RULE 1. Know your skills. If you have low skills, you need to spend more money, or spend time to learn more.

RULE 2: Never work close to deadline.

RULE 3: Be prepared to manage your gig with good, clear instructions.


  1. Browse by category, then choose the tab for “High Rating.”
  2. Is their portfolio good and does it seem legit?
  3. Are their reviews good and legit?
  4. What language do they speak (if it’s relevant)?
  5. How many revisions are included?
  6. What add-on services do you need? Expect that you will be spending more than $5 for most things.
  7. What is their turnaround time? Remember, revisions can add on a lot of extra time, especially if they have a lot of other people in their gig queue.


Provide excellent instructions, especially if the are non-US providers. Write them up in a doc first. Include line breaks and bullets, not just a big paragraph. Make it easy for them!

Control your branding. Provide them with you brand colors in HEX and RGB code. Include quality versions of your logo. Buy your own photos from a stock image site. You can ask them to find something from the Getty library, but don’t expect them to get your aesthetic right. Better to give them the parts you want included in the finished product.

Follow up with them if they haven’t contacted you at all. Waiting for someone, only to have them flake is a real risk on Fiverr. You don’t lose your money, but you DO lose your TIME. This is the reason for RULE 2: Never work close to deadline.

When asking for revisions, ASK how long it will take them to get changes back to you. Some providers will be rushing to work on other customers in their queue and you can get sent to the bottom of the list. Be sure to ask and let them know if you have a deadline.

REVIEW. I forgot to mention this on the live stream. Sellers business depends on reviews! Leave a good one if they are really good. By and large, most sellers would rather ensure your satisfaction, even refund you, rather than have a negative review.

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