Overwhelmed? Plan a “Get a Grip” Day

GripA friend of mine once said to me, “When I can’t sleep at night because I’m worrying about someone or something, that’s when I know it’s gone too far.” Sage words. I’ve used that as an internal barometer ever since.

This week has been really busy for me, because I’ve been working on the home-buying tasks in addition to my usual work load. And I must admit that the financial side of the real estate transaction has been troubling me the most. Besides dealing with credit bureau errors, I got surprised with a couple months worth of invoices from someone who should have been billing me regularly, but hadn’t. Now I’m worried that my home-purchase budget is skewed because those invoices didn’t get calculated into my monthly overhead projections. Instead of sleeping peacefully, I thought about those extra invoices and my budget uncertainty all through the night.

Time to get a grip!

Overwhelm is the feeling of having more things going on than one can handle. For me, this is compounded when there is a sense of vagueness. Do I know the status of all my projects or are some things slipping through the cracks? The shortest path out of that type of overwhelm is to assess the status of those projects, and immediately take action on anything that be cleared off the task list. To get into the groove of being focused and ruthlessly cut through overwhelm, I’ve declared today one of my “Get a Grip Days.” It’s only 9:30 in the morning, and I already feel much more focused.

To give you an idea of how to structure your own “Get a Grip Day,” I’ll share mine with you. Since the source of my overwhelm was financial vagueness, I started with taking action there:
• Accessed my on-line banking and brought my checkbook registers up to date.
• Sent an appointment request to my bookkeeper.
• Created an agenda list of discussion items for when I do see my bookkeeper.
• Memos to my assistants about new priorities, and status of open projects.
• Looked at my profit and loss statement to see the impact of underestimation.

By getting a grip on the source of overwhelm, my finances, I started to feel like I’m in control again. I still have to make up for the bookkeeping miscalculation, but I know what needs to be done. It’s not hanging there like a black cloud over my head anymore.

So if something is overwhelming you right now, it’s time to focus! Don’t let the overwhelm turn into procrastination or avoidance. Instead, make a commitment to “Get a Grip.” What are some action steps you can take right now? This is the time to do effective and efficient activities that can be checked off your list quickly. Don’t sit in the fog of overwhelm a minute longer. Just pick 3-5 things and get busy.


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Jaya Savannah - Chief Inspiration Officer. Strategy Coach for Holistic Businesses. Trainer, speaker, and writer. Spiritually aware, yet street smart. Elephant lover.