The Secret Life of Emotions at Work

Today I was out on a hike in the oak-studded hills of Northern California. After the unrelenting rains of a late winter, it felt great to be out on an open-space trail. As I was ascending on a steep trail overlooking a valley of conifers, I saw something moving in the branches of a tree […]

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The Power of Reinvention

I’ll admit it: I’m a personal development junkie. To me, there’s nothing more boring and useless than a life lived on auto-pilot. What’s the point in living, if you’re not growing? As such, I believe it’s both healthy and admirable to reinvent yourself once in awhile. Change is good. Try new ideas. Follow your inspirations. […]

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You Choose: Your Mother’s Advice or Theirs [The News Marin Newspaper]

By Anna Galan, Editor The News Marin, October 7-13, 2005 [Interview with Jaya Schillinger] Sitting on the sidelines of people’s lives, coaches gain a reputation by offering guidance on everything from revenue to romance. Squeezed in between “clutches” and “cocktail lounges” in the Yellow Pages lies “coaches,” a listing that just may change your life. Going through […]

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