A Pep Talk for Tough Economic Times

Pep Talk for Tough Economic TimesI’ve been taking some time to reflect deeply on the economic shifts that are affecting all of us. There are better financial analysts than me explaining what is happening to the global economy and why, but as a coach, my job is to look forward and ask, “What opportunities are there? How should we best proceed?”

More intimately, I am asking myself, “What is my purpose here? How can I best serve?”

Many holistic-oriented businesses that we know have been reporting losses in gross sales of 10-40% over last year. A large downward trend was noticeable to a lot of you in September, with some improvement over the holidays, followed by a sharp drop this month.

Some of you are very scared right now and my heart goes out to you. Many of you are single women households. A good deal of you have children. Your business is your sole source of income. The pressures are great.

Almost none of you have pursued trainings & certifications and invested in your own business primarily for financial gain. Your motivations include earning a comfortable living, but knowing you as well as I do, I understand that your primary calling is to be of service to something greater. Count me among you.

The seeds of your success are still germinating within you, even in these most difficult circumstances.

Although confusion surrounds us, feel deep into yourself and find the calm. If ever there was a time when all of your personal & spiritual development tools need to be used—that time is now. Overwhelm is when you have more thoughts & feelings going on simultaneously than you can process. Focus. Meditate. Pray. Be attentive and listen for your answers.

One of the beautiful things I see happening in this economic crisis is that there is an awakening. The system that kept so many on the treadmill of success has broken, and having lost everything (or about to) people are open to new things. Some will be forced into radical personal & professional changes. When clinging on to the old is no longer an option, many are finding a sense of relief—at last, they have permission to try that new career they’ve been thinking about. That may even be you.

What if being a holistic provider IS your true calling? Then there is certainly a world that needs you now, more than ever before.

It is essential then that you make your life’s work survive and thrive. I can promise that you will give your gifts, no matter the venue. But in what arena can you have the greatest impact? Perhaps we should consider reconfiguring your business to a solo practice again. (I’ve been doing this with clients very successfully!) Maybe we just need to get you refocused and motivated on your core offerings. Certainly, we need to cut out anything that is distracting, overwhelming, or unlikely to generate income. It’s all about bootstrapping basics right now, but driven by your life’s purpose and goals, not just your survival fears.

My life’s work is primarily that of a spiritual healer and mentor. It also happens that my history includes decades of experience in management and operations for health, beauty, & wellness businesses. People tell me all the time, “You’re the only coach who’s both intuitive and understands my business.” There are no accidents. I was born to do what I do.

What were you born to do? Now more than ever is the time to get in touch with your inner calling. The energy that you will activate by just contemplating the question will strengthen you. While it may be scary to look at what you don’t have (or fear you might lose) direct your attention towards what you want to give. How do you want to be of service? Don’t give up because of hard times. You might need to adapt, but adapt in ways that are still aligned with your inner being. Stay true. 


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Jaya Savannah - Chief Inspiration Officer. Strategy Coach for Holistic Businesses. Trainer, speaker, and writer. Spiritually aware, yet street smart. Elephant lover.