Create Quizzes for Your Website & Social Media [VIDEO]

How to Create Quizzes for Your Website & Social Media

Show Notes

What’s the difference between a quiz, survey, and assessment?
-Quizzes allow for instant scoring and results
-Surveys give the answers to you, not the taker
-Assessment results are usually delivered by you personally

Why create quizzes?
-Fun social media engagement
-Test students
-Position you as an expert
-Go viral
-Grow your email list

Free and Paid Quiz Building Software
Play Buzz (free)
Easy builder. Most fun. Great tutorials. WordPress plug in available (or can embed code on a non-wordpress site.)

Type Form (free/paid)
Can use for survey’s or quizzes. Need the paid version if you want to use with email opt-ins and deliver results by email.quiz

Full featured but on the expensive side. More for agencies in my opinion.

Popular Types of Quizzes:
-Personality types
-Knowledge test
-Decision maker

Other Links Mentioned

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QUIZ: My client Mindful Health’s quiz on chakras
Also check out their wonderful chakra flower essences in their store.

My colleagues at Formula Botanica’s course selector quiz (see “Choose a Course” from the top menu.) If you’re wanting to learn organic cosmetic formulation, I highly recommend them.

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