Survey on “Corporate Citizenship”

One of the main reasons I work with holistic business owners is because I really believe that you have the power to change the world. Just the work you do in health and ecology makes a tremendous difference. Yet I also think that the real key is when we begin effectively changing the way that business operates, including having strong give-back and other ethical policies. Over 80% of all businesses in America are small business (meaning less than 100 employees.) What would happen if all small businesses had a dedicated corporate social responsibility policy? We could do a whole world of good.

Although corporate philanthropy is at an all time high (up 22% in 2004-2005) a recent consumer survey reports that people want to see more. They also say that a company’s reputation for involvment in charitable endeavors has a positive influence on their purchase decisions. People want it. As business owners, are we willing to put a plan in place to deliver it?

The article had an interesting survey on this topic. Keep in mind that the companies mentioned are big business holdings. But to me that does beg the question: if these big international companies are practicing corporate citizenship, then why don’t I see more small holistic businesses doing it too? I’d like a hello from you if you’re with me on this one. Anyone else want to step it up this year?

Source: LOHAS Weekly Newsletter

Citizenship Gets Down to Business: Doing Well by Doing Good 2006: The survey finds Americans are sending a clear message to Corporate America: Do more … be authentic … and the business rewards will follow.


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