Wanna’ Meet in Vegas Next Week? Feb 21-23

DSE 2007Viva Las Vegas!
I’m getting ready for the Day Spa Expo in just a few days.

Will you be there?
Of course I know not all of you are in the spa business, but so many of you holistic spa professionals are going to the DSE show that I thought I’d send out a last-call announcement. (If you’re not in the spa biz, just hit delete. Sorry if this isn’t interesting to you.)
I’d love a chance to get to meet you in person. It’s interesting working virtually via phone and internet connection. I have many clients and colleagues that I’ve never met in person! My assistant Debbie lives in Florida and we didn’t meet in person until we had worked together for over a year–but we’re so close, we didn’t even notice. So these tradeshows are important to me, especially for that reason.
If you’re going to the Day Spa Expo next week, please come say hello! To make it easy to find me, I’ve included all my presentations and whereabouts below. Be sure to print it out and bring it with you! My cell phone number is below. Let’s make sure we connect.
If you haven’t been to the Day Spa Expo before, you should! This is my absolute favorite spa business tradeshow. The educational tracks and trade floor are great (ahem, and I’m presenting a whole lot this year) but it’s also the audience. There’s a savvy crowd that attends this particular show. It’s also the perfect size show–busy with lots of activities, but it’s also intimate enough that you can have some meaningful conversations and really get to know people.
Come check it out for yourself! Hope to see you there!
PS: Make sure you pre-register for the special after hours Preston Inc event on Wednesday night! Scroll down for details. Seriously, we’re going way over the top for a fun Las Vegas style program! We’re giving away over $7500 in door prizes, and the event is free. The only catch is we only have room for 100 guests. So you better pre-register ASAP.
Day Spa Expo 2007: February 21-23
Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Las VegasWednesday February 21
The Overwhelmed Spa Manager – 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
How To Reduce Your Workload, Stress and WorryWith Douglas Preston & Jaya SchillingerDon’t be afraid to admit it; spa ownership and management is a lot more work and less rewarding than you thought it would be! You don’t need an MBA to become an effective manager but you must have both a method and personal commitment to achieve your desired business goals. We invite you to attend this seminar to see how savvy spa managers and directors run a tighter ship:

• Is it just ME? How we All mismanage from the start and do a really good job at it!

• WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??? Insights into spa employee psychology

• Clear goals and objectives: how to plan for success in business and personal terms

• Job descriptions for everyone on your team: “Yes, that IS your job!”

• Prioritizing tasks: Do you really need to answer that question or fetch the toilet tissue?

• Delegate, not abdicate! The art of actually letting people work for YOU.


Preston Inc Special Event – 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Secrets of Successful Spa Ownership

Located at the Mandalay Bay. Room will be provided when you register.

With Jaya Schillinger and the Preston Business Solutions Team

Learn Vegas-style, baby! Enjoy a cocktail before class at our no-host bar and see if you can hit the jackpot! We’ll be giving away over $7,500 in door prizes (products, educational tools and services) to class attendees, including our grand prize two-day onsite retail training valued at $6000.** No gambling required, and a lot of valuable knowledge to gain in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

This FREE event will be a powerful business workshop for startup and established spa owners.

•Why do some spas succeed while others fail?

•How do you plan and operate a spa that creates more harmony than headaches?

•Want your spa to produce more cash with less cost–and do it now?

It’s not a secret: day and medical spa ownership can be a tough experience regardless of one’s business background. Many spa owners struggle to meet payroll, handle endless employee challenges, deal with challenging vendors and worry about marketing that never seems to work quite as well as it should.

Then there’s the waiting, wondering and hoping that someday you, too will be paid well for the work and worry you’ve invested. But expenses rise as fast as sales and it seems like you’ll never get out of debt or find financial security.

If the above sounds all too familiar, and you’re ready to put an end to this frustrating spiral, this special Preston Spa Business Solutions Profit Planning Workshop will prove to be your highest winning hand in Las Vegas! There is a way make great profit, and put the joy back in your working life. We’ll show you how.

Seating for this high-energy event is limited to 100 and is available exclusively by reservation on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t wait. Seats are filling quickly.


Thursday February 22
Day Spa Association (DSA) Booth 10:00 am – 11:30 am

Come meet Jaya and learn what the DSA can do for your business.

You can also buy your ticket for tonight’s Hearts for a Cure event here (see below.)

Located on the Tradeshow Floor, booth #501


Front Desk Secrets Revealed 11:30 am – 12:30 pm
A Preston Inc. Special Advanced Learning Program

Located on the Tradeshow Floor in the Preston Inc. booth #515

With Jaya Schillinger

Stop treating your front desk staff as a receptionist! Jaya Schillinger will show you the keys that make your front desk a powerful money-producing part of your spa.


Ask a Spa Consultant with Jaya 12:30 pm – 1:30 pm
A Preston Inc. Special Advanced Learning

Located on the Tradeshow Floor in the Preston Inc. booth #515


The High Powered Front Desk Team 3:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Boosting Revenue, Better Operations, Bigger Profits!

Located in the Educational Rooms at the DSE

With Keith & Andre West-Harrison and Jaya Schillinger

How much income are you losing through your front desk? Your front desk staff is the first line of customer service and sales for any spa or salon. Learn how to make your team effective in building the potential new business it handles each day. The Preston Method’s entertaining spa management duo Keith & Andre West-Harrison with Jaya Schillinger will show you how your team can easily add tremendous untouched revenue to your business virtually free of cost!

• Sell more of your premium priced services

• Fill more of your hard-to-sell appointment hours

• Clear out slow-moving retail items at full price!

• Up-sell your gift certificate packages

• Reaching sales goals

• Earn sales incentives they deserve while avoiding service team conflict.

Hearts for a Cure Award & Charity Celebration 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Annual Day Spa of the Year & Spa Person of the Year Awards and Fundraiser
Located in Ballroom A at Mandalay Bay Convention Center

The Hearts for A Cure celebration is organized by SpaCare Organized Charitable Giving, a non-profit organization formed by The Day Spa Association. Proceeds of this evening’s event will benefit Melanoma Research Foundation and Uniquely-U.

We look forward to seeing you there when we announce and cheer for the winners of

•“The Spa Person of the Year”

•“The Distinguished Day Spa of the Year”

•“Best Exhibits at the DSE 2007”

•Prizes, Auctions, and goodie bags will be given out too!

Tickets are available in 3 locations:

•At the registration desk. Save when you buy with your full conference pass! $65/ea.

•At the Day Spa Association Booth #501 on Thursday. $85

•At the door of the event Thursday. $85


Friday February 23

Front Desk Secrets Revealed 10:30 am – 11:30 am
A Preston Inc. Special Advanced Learning Program

Located on the Tradeshow Floor in the Preston Inc. booth #515

With Jaya Schillinger

Stop treating your front desk staff as a receptionist! Jaya Schillinger will show you the keys that make your front desk a powerful money-producing part of your spa.
The Preston Inc Booth 11:30 pm – 1:00 pm

Come mingle and receive some impromptu coaching from Jaya

Located on the Tradeshow Floor in the Preston Inc. booth #515

The Empowered Spa Manager 2:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Developing Your Leadership Skills

To have a successful day spa, you must learn to take responsibility for business operations without taking on all of the work yourself. How smoothly this goes depends on more than the talent and skills of your workers— it depends on how skilled and talented you become at being a team leader.

In The Empowered Manager, Jaya Schillinger will coach you on:

• Developing the personal attributes of a powerful leader

• The essential responsibilities of team leadership

• How to delegate effectively

• Setting boundaries with your staff

• Establishing a drama-free zone

Make sure you get the most from your DSE investment by making a commitment to return as a more empowered leader in your business.

See you in Las Vegas!



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