What’s on Your Career (or Job, or Life) Wish List?

WishlistI was adding some new items to my memento box today, when a handwritten document, obviously torn from a spiral-bound notebook caught my attention. The penmanship was mine. Written in blue ink, the pages began, “November 19, 1996. My over-the-top, everything wonderful, magical, exciting, and fun next job qualities include…”

A smile emerged from my heart as I’d forgotten that I wrote this so long ago, but I most certainly remember the job I was hired for afterward. It was pivotal to my career in many ways.

Do any of you create vision lists or write essays about what you would like to manifest? I do it somewhat regularly, although I’m feeling nudged to do a new one now. My experience is that more often than not, wish lists DO come true–sometimes with astonishing results. To illustrate, I’ll go ahead and tell you the rest of the story.

In 1996, I had graduated 1.5 years of training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute (BPI.) I was teaching & reading there on nights and weekends, and starting up my private practice as well. My institute work was volunteer, and my fledgling counseling business wasn’t enough income to live on yet. I needed a job, but wanted one that felt like it enhanced my spiritual calling and didn’t take away from it.

The items on my ideal job wish list are conveniently numbered and read:

  1. Work with the public, so I can meet lots of people and fulfill my karma.
  2. Some of that public will include really cute men to date. [LOL. I was single at the time.]
  3. Full time. Weekdays. 9-5.
  4. Medical and dental benefits.
  5. Vacation & holiday pay.
  6. 401k, profit sharing, and incentives.
  7. Really fun, positive coworkers.
  8. $40k per year to start.
  9. Multiple locations.
  10. I will work in a holistic, beautiful atmosphere.
  11. I will be able to dress stylishly and comfortably.
  12. Benefits include a gym membership.
  13. Spirit to spirit communication is great there!
  14. My commute will take 45-min or less, with no traffic.
  15. I’ll drive a company car or afford a new car.
  16. I’ll be able to plan & coordinate special events.
  17. Potential for me to work as a company teacher/trainer.
  18. A workplace that welcomes & validates me as a spirit in a female body.
  19. Year end bonus checks.
  20. People that I can learn from.
  21. Abundance, havingness, & miracles.
  22. It’s where God wants me to work, and I can help people by giving them a spiritual “hello.”
  23. A place that I can learn to be in the spotlight, shine, grow.
  24. I will be offered this job by January 1997.
  25. I’ll receive free products and/or services for working there.
  26. My boss and I will be friends. We will appreciate one another.
  27. My job will work on a smooth schedule with my psychic work.
  28. My paychecks will be on time, often, and abundant.
  29. The company I work for is fiscally sound and on its path toward success.
  30. The company and place I work has a mission to heal its customers, maintain the health and happiness of its staff, and share abundance with all people involved.


*Laughs* Okay, so now I’m feeling a little exposed after sharing something so very personal, but I share it with purpose. It’s okay to want and wish for whatever brings you happiness! Fill it with details big and small. Alright then. The story continues…

Out of my detailed 30-point list, 26 wishes came true! And what of the 4 that didn’t, you ask? Unimportant ones, really:

  1. I didn’t get a free gym membership.
  2. I didn’t get a company car.
  3. I didn’t get a year end bonus check (or if I did, I don’t remember it.)
  4. My ideal job did not manifest in January, it took a few more months. (I’m still trying to get the universe to operate on my schedule, but alas, sometimes things take a little more or less time than I want them to.)

So what was this amazing job? How did I find it? Well, did you notice that I used the word “magical” in the first paragraph? Have a sip of tea, take a breath, and settle in. Now, I’ll tell you what happened when my wishes were about to come true in the most delightful way.

While I was waiting for my dream job to appear, I somehow managed to squeak by financially. My faith was stronger than my anxiety, as I continued developing my intention. Nothing less than what I really wanted would do.

One early spring day, when the light was shining so beautifully, I was strolling through an outdoor mall asking myself, “If I could do anything, what would I do?” Then the floodgates of my imagination opened:

I would love to open up an aromatherapy store! Something small, yet upscale and chic. And instead of feeling like a health food store in a strip mall, it should go somewhere like this mall here, near Nordstrom’s. We can bring natural healing to people that wouldn’t otherwise know about it. What a great chain store concept. Yes!

Every fiber of my being was on fire. I tingled. My heart thumped. When the first stumbling block appeared, I was undaunted:

It doesn’t matter that I don’t have the seed money. Someone, somewhere wants to do this with me. I bet there’s someone who could even become a great friend out of this. Not all investment people are old, stodgy, corporate types. Maybe a progressive alternative health-minded gay man out there…

I instantly decided that my next course of action should be to get a copy of the newspaper and write an ad seeking a business partner. However, after returning home with the voluminous Sunday edition, I changed course. Before I go about writing my ad, I might as well browse the help wanted section first. And there it was:

Managers needed for start up aromatherapy & wellness company. 7 locations in California & Washington. Please call…

Normally, I would not call on a job at 8pm on a Sunday night, but I knew this was my dream job. Still, I was completely floored when a young-sounding, most certainly gay, gentleman answered the phone. It was the business partner I’d been imagining come to life!

Yes, of course I got the job. And yes, one of our stores was in that very mall where I envisioned it. It was nearly all as I’d wished for and then some.

It is still a point of fascination for me to wonder how much of that ideal job manifestation was me creating it, vs. how much was me intuitively reading it. In the end, it doesn’t really matter. I was their dream regional manager for their Northern California stores. In a couple years, that dream job later launched me into having my own aromatherapy company (after they got bought out and subsequently folded, my former bosses gave me resources, products, and their blessing.) My intuitive counseling and training business had time to grow and evolve into the coaching firm it is today.

Oh, the power of this little list! I’m tenderly putting it back into my memento box.

Wish list-making is not a complicated project!

  • You don’t need to be on monastic retreat or in the perfect “space” to create one.
  • If long essays aren’t your thing, a simple numbered list works just fine!
  • You don’t need special paper or an art degree. Making it look pretty can be fun, but not necessary for it to work.
  • Don’t limit (or judge) your wishes! You might not get everything on your list, but it’s okay to ask.

I’m re-inspired to create some new life & business wish lists today. The last big life-changing one I did was when I was shopping for the perfect weekender home in the country. Almost all of that list came to manifest too.

How about you? What are you waiting for? Get out some paper and a pen, and get busy!

Remember your magical side. Share your stories. And most importantly: Here’s to all your wishes come true!


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