What’s in My Carry-on Travel Bag

I’m waiting for my flight home from a consulting job in Florida. After having my hand creme confiscated by airport security (no gels or liquids allowed still) I realized that overall, I have my business travel packing routine down cold. I also realized that I’m bored waiting here. So let’s dig around and make a game of finding out…

What’s in Jaya’s carry on luggage?

First, let me preface by saying that I prefer to check my regular suitcase. So my clothes, makeup, and shoes are all checked in with the airline. They’ve never lost my luggage, but I keep my valuables with me. In a pinch, I could always buy a new outfit, but it would be hard to replace my business tools quickly.

In my green python-patterned Charles David purse:

Red leather Monsac wallet
BlackBerry from Cingular
Video iPod in white with 11 gigs of music and downloads of Project Runway, The Office, guilty pleasure Desperate Housewives
Brookstone earbuds with retractable cord (very comfortable!)
My favorite Anzie carnelian necklace with a gold medallion from India
A gold ring with blue topaz stone that had belonged to my Grandmother Joan
Miniature calculator
Small spiral bound notepad from the Day Spa Association
My favorite Pilot G-2 size 7 black gel ink retractable pen
Dental floss
Givenchy face powder in Mat Honey
Vanilla Zen Silk lip balm with shea butter
Car/house keys with a beaded cowrie shell keychain tag that I bought at the Maasai Market in Nairobi

In my grey US Luggage computer bag:

Dell Latitude D800 widescreen lap top & power cord
Travel itineraries enclosed in a clear plastic sheet protector
Retractable cord for when I have to use a plug instead of wireless
Small notepad from the St Julian Hotel in Boulder, Colorado
3 copies of my Inspirational Days & Nights coaching meditation CD
1 blank CD-rom
Post-it Notes
White out
Yellow highlighter
Sharpie black fine point permanent marker
Zone Bar in chocolate almond biscotti
Canon PowerShot SD100 Digital Elph camera (w/ photos of a friend’s Napa Valley wedding and my mom’s house inside)
Client notes on my favorite sturdy Ampad evidence Dual-Pad
Healing Lifestyles & Spas magazine
Entrepreneur magazine
The Time and the Place and Other Stories by Naguib Mahfouz
Brookstone padded sleep mask (I can actually sleep on planes with this, it’s fabulous.)
Black pashmina that someone bought for me at the Khumba Mela festival in India in 2001.

So what’s in your carry on? If you’ve got a must-have travel item, tell me about it.

And by the way, I hate my computer bag. It’s practical, but unattractive. If you have one that you love (or one that you lust for) send me the link!


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