Whole Foods Gets Into the Spa Business

You may have already heard that Whole Foods Market has been expanding it’s line of offerings, including development of an organic clothing line, baby goods, and home items available at their Lifestyles Store in West Hollywood. But did you know they’re also test-piloting a 4500 square foot spa in Dallas?

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From a spa consultant’s perspective, I can see why they might want to toss their hat in the ring. Their “whole brand” if you will, is based on promoting a healthy lifestyle. Spa services definitely are absolutely with that definition. The Whole Foods in my area offered chair massages when they opened, though they dropped it after a few years. I suspect that had to do with the management of that department might not have been worth the benefits of having it as an amenity. This new venture they’re testing–all seven treatment rooms in a separate part of the building, is really an earnest effort. With the research & development they’re investing (in the hopes of making it turn-key duplicatable) they could be a serious contender in the day spa market. As a spa consumer myself, I can see how the convenience of being able to get a massage (after parking in their always crowded parking lot) then go do some healthy grocery shopping afterwards could be a nice experience.

I’m really curious what you spa professionals think about this one. Does the idea of having a 300 lb organic banana-eating gorilla in your neighborhood make you nervous? If they now have the ability to retail the same professionals-only skincare products as you, do you think your customers will shop there instead?

I’m not overly concerned that they’ll take a big gluten-free bite out of the market currently served by the smaller day spas. By and large, clients that already go to an independent spa won’t be attracted to a larger corporate venture–unless of course they really get it right. The thing is though, that they just might. This is one story to watch. I’m really curious to see how this one goes.


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