Want to know what tools and services to use in your business? I'm known for being a tech-savvy resource queen. That's because I devote a lot of time each week keeping up on the latest marketing and technology trends. It's fun for me because I find technology empowering. However, it can also be a total headache, so I diligently research, cross-reference, and test to find the best, easiest, and most affordable tools available for my clients and me.

As a bonus, I'm opening up the vault and sharing my best resources with you!​

DISCLOSURES: Some of these resources include affiliate links. I only endorse companies that meet my quality standards. However, if a company I recommend offers commission for referrals, then I will accept them. There's never a cost to you. Commissions help to offset the time it takes me to curate resources. I think that's fair and hope you agree. Further, Jaya Savannah International is a separate business entity from these companies and we do not guarantee or provide warranty for their products/services. Should you have a dispute, contact them directly. Although please let me know as that may influence my decision to continue recommending them. If something is especially useful, please let me know that too!


DIGITAL ACCESS PASS (DAP) - Membership Site Plug-in for WordPress
This was the system I used for my first online course portal in WordPress. It's very robust and complex to learn, but its advanced features actually make it easier for students. 

HOST GATOR - Web Hosting
When I was researching the best hosts for WordPress, it was a tie between HostGator and Bluehost. A couple case studies showed HostGator as having slightly better up-time.

​INSPIRATIONAL WEB HOSTING - Template-built Sites - [FREE 10-day Trial]
This is the service I used for over 7 years before I switched to WordPress. It's easy to use and it includes a simple built-in shopping cart. 

LEAD PAGES - Landing Page Templates for Opt-in Offers
Good for creating landing pages without a lot of experience. Create simple or complex sales funnels. Customize their templates and sync with your email list service.

NAME CHEAP - Domain Names
When I found out GoDaddy's CEO hunts elephants for fun, I moved all my domains to NameCheap because their CEO is an elephant lover who donates to elephant charities. 

NEW KAJABI - All-in-One Membership Site for Courses and Products [SAVE 15% when you join with my link]
Kajabi is well constructed platform where you can host your courses (like I do for my Academy) or your entire website. It's a premium price product, but a lot easier than others.

THRIVE LANDING PAGES - WordPress Plugin with Landing Page Templates for Opt-ins
I use them to create free offers that grow my email list. I also use them to host the free video series for Clients & Cash. Customize their templates and sync with your email list service.

THRIVE THEMES - Word Press Themes and Plug-ins
This site was built with Thrive. WordPress isn't easy for novices, but Thrive's annual plan that includes all their plug-ins and access to their support team has been a dream. If you're already on WordPress and don't want to change themes, still check out their Content Builder plug-in. It makes page design fun and easy! Also look at the ThriveLeads plug-in that includes advanced opt-in forms. I'm a huge fan of Thrive and enjoying WordPress now.

WORDFENCE - Word Press Security Plug-in [FREE Version Available]
This plug in helps you keep hackers out of your website. You create settings to have a certain number of failed log-in attempts booted, get notifications when another admin logs in, etc. The free version is adequate for small businesses. You need it. Get it.


ACUITY SCHEDULING - Online Appointment Scheduler - [FREE 14-day Trial]
This is the one I use, as it's perfect for solos who have a small service menu. It converts time zones perfectly. Clients can pre-pay. Custom email reminders. Can embed into WordPress.

AWEBER - Email List Service - [FREE 30-day Trial]
There are 3 advantages to AWeber. Their delivery rates are really good. You can create multiple lists, each with their own branding. Customer service is excellent too. 

BRITE VERIFY - Email List Cleaning 
Want to reactivate an old email list? You should clean it first to remove bad addresses. (Mailing to dead addresses red-flags you as a spammer.) Costs less than $.01 each!

FAST MAIL - Email Services for Your Domain - [FREE 30-day Trial]
Perfectly synced email on all your devices with as many business domains as you want. The set-up is not user-friendly, but once it's done, it's fantastic. 

FREE CONFERENCE CALLING - Teleconference in US - [FREE Service Forever]
100% Free calling with up to 1000 participants. You get your own dedicated phone number (not a new number every time.) Recording is included and you can download the Mp3s.

LINE 2 - Business Phone Line [$10 Off Your 1st Bill if you join via my link.]
Gives you a 2nd phone number on your mobile. Unlike others, you can also dial out from that number (instead of your personal one.) Super affordable and you can get an 800#.


CARBONITE - Online Backup
Do not lose your intellectual property. Backing up on a hard-drive still leaves you at risk of fire and theft. Online backup is a must. Carbonite is the easiest and cheapest I've tried.

CCLEANER - PC Clean-up Utility - [FREE]
The name is short for "crap cleaner" and it's useful to get rid of temp files, cookies, and file fragments on your PC. Set it to run once a week and your computer will be happier.

DROP BOX - Online File Storage - [FREE Extra 500mb Storage when you join via my link]
This is how I share large files with colleagues and contractors. What's also great is that Dropbox works with my website backup plug-in and a lot of iPhone/iPad apps.

FOCUS - Productivity Timer and Distraction Blocker for Mac [FREE Trial]
If you're on a Mac, buy this! When you turn it on, it blocks you from accessing sites like Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, etc. Includes a Pomodoro timer so you can work in bursts.

FOXIT PHANTOM PDF - PDF Editing Software for PC - [FREE 30-day Trial]
I've tried a few PDF creator softwares over the years, including the over-priced Adobe Acrobat. This one is great! I use it all the time in business and at home.

SIMPLISAFE - Security System - [Save 10% when you join via my link + use code FRIEND10]
Protect your home or office easily and affordably. Simplisafe is a wireless alarm system that costs only $14.95/month. No wires means you can take it with you when you move. 


COSCHEDULE - Social Media & Marketing Calendar 
Plugs into WordPress or works as a standalone app. You can schedule ALL your social media and it will blast out your messages. Can also schedule any marketing tasks for your team. Nice interface.


CREATE YOUR SKINCARE - Custom Skincare Product Training
Whether you're brand new to DIY skincare and creating for yourself, or expanding your knowledge for a brand you've already created, Rachael Pontillo's course is top-notch.

FORMULA BOTANICA - Organic Skincare Product Training
Learn to formulate your own line of organic skincare products. Their online certification programs are world-class. Look for their offer to sample a free formulation masterclass.

JAYA SAVANNAH ACADEMY - Online Classroom for Jaya Savannah International
Have you seen our newest online courses? Check them out at our newly upgraded online course portal!

PSTEC - Percussive Suggestion Technique - [FREE Basic PSTEC Audio Package]
Trying to make progress on your goals, but keep getting stuck in old emotional patterns? PSTEC can help you clear them faster than any other self-help tool I've used. Works fast and the basic level tool is 100% free!

Julie's video program will walk you through setting up your Facebook ads and tracking pixels step-by-step. She even includes a FB group for questions. I've also hired her 1 on 1.

PRODUCT LAUNCH FORMULA - Product Launch Training - [FREE Video Series]
This is a high-ticket course but absolutely worth the money. Jeff Walker teaches in great detail how to market and sell programs. His live event (included) is one of the best.


AUDACITY - Audio Editing Software for PC - [FREE Download]
Easy to do quick edits of audio recordings. Trim tracks, adjust volume, all the things you might need to do with a presentation or teleclass recording.

AUDIOBLOCKS - Royalty Free Music -[90% off 1 year unlimited downloads via my link]
Where I get music and sound effects for videos and audio recordings. My link will get you the super deal of 1 year unlimited downloads. Most other sites charge $15-75 per track.

CAMTASIA - Screen Recording Software for PC 
Lets you record a presentation or demonstration taking place on your computer screen. You can record your voice too or insert a different audio recording into it.

You can do live videos from your phone, but sometimes you want to do a screenshare or just prefer an ethernet connection. The other app that can do this costs $495, but this new app is only $29.95! Love.

LOGITECH C920 - Web Cam
Great for Skype, webinars, or screen capture videos. It records in full HD. The lens is sharp and it automatically adjusts for light. Big improvement over the one built into my PC.

POWER DIRECTOR by Cyberlink - Video Editing Software for PC
I used this when I was on PC. I tried a few different ones and found this one to be the most intuitive and easy to use.

SCREENFLOW by TeleStream - Screen Recording Software for Mac [FREE Trial]
Lets you record a presentation or demonstration taking place on your computer screen. You can record your voice too or insert a different audio recording into it.

CALL RECORDER FOR SKYPE by eCamm - Skype Recording Software for Mac [FREE Trial]
Lets you record video or audio meetings. You can even do split screen recordings that are great for interviews. Easily converts video to Mp3. Works really great.

VIDEO BLOCKS - Stock Video Footage [$99 for 1 year unlimited downloads via my link]
Great selection of stock video backgrounds and scene footage. My link will will get you the super deal of 1 year unlimited videos for $99! Most other sites charge $50-200 per video.

VIMEO PRO - Business Class Video Hosting
Where I host videos for paid programs (instead of free videos at YouTube.) You can make them 100% private so no one can access them, except on the sites you embed them on.


DAFONT - Fonts - [FREE]
Nice selection of highly-stylized fonts. Many are free for commercial use, but some are for personal use only. Pay attention to the licence for each font before downloading.

DEPOSIT PHOTOS - Royalty Free Images & Video 
Where I buy photos. They have a 30 images per month deal for just $29 (even less on annual) or you can buy packs of images as needed with no monthly commitment. 

DESIGNAPP.IO - Online Logo Making App [FREE]
Need a quick logo? If you already have an idea of what you want, this app will help you create it. There's a grid for perfect alignment and you can import your own SVG icons. 

100% free for commercial use. 

GRATISOGRAPHY - Royalty Free Images - [FREE]
Attention-getting images. More suitable for advertising than your holistic business website. Free for commercial use without attribution.

ICON FINDER - Graphic Icons - [Some FREE]
Best place to find icons for websites and presentations. Use the search to find "Free, for Commercial Use, No link back." If you can find a good one, they have others for sale.

PEXELS - Royalty Free Images - [FREE]
All photos are licenses Creative Commons Zero, meaning you can use them for any legal purpose. No attribution requirement that forces you to put the photographer and site's links on your work.

PIC JUMBO - Royalty Free Images - [FREE]
Some high-quality images that are okay for commercial use. Not as many images or as easy to browse as Pixabay. Good site though.

PIC MONKEY - Easy Online Image Editing - [FREE version, but get the inexpensive Royale plan]
The Royale (paid) version lets you do advanced editing and is still dirt cheap. I probably use this at least once every single day for social media, my website, or family photos.

PIXABAY - Royalty Free Images - [FREE]
I use this site as much as possible because images are free AND there is no attribution requirement that forces you to put the photographer and site's links on your work.


DIGITAL RIVER - Customizable Templates
Beautiful templates that will save you a lot of work. Look at their print category for marketing materials. Also, their presentation templates for PowerPoint are outstanding!

HLOOM - Customizable Templates for Word & Excel - [FREE]
Curated collection of templates that are zero cost and licensed under Creative Commons so you can use them in your business.

INKD - Customizable Templates - [FREE Samples]
Modern, clean looking designs. Some can be edited in Microsoft Word so easy to DIY. Link goes to the free samples. If you find it easy, then consider buying a nice template here.

MICROSOFT TEMPLATES - Customizable Templates for Word - [FREE]
With a little tinkering and royalty-free images, turn their templates into something beautiful. Bonus is that they are 100% free and easy to edit. Have quantities printed at any copy shop.

STOCK LAYOUTS - Customizable Templates
Professional designs, a little more corporate/medical than Inkd. Can edit in just about any program from professional design software to Microsoft office.


FIVERR - Freelancers Starting at $5 per Job (Gig) - [FREE $5 gig if you join via my link
Thousands of outsourcers from all over the world. Some amazingly good pros, and a few incompetent hacks. Here are a few tips to getting excellent work at Fiverr:

  • ​Be prepared to gamble. Don't hire a new person when you have no margin for error.
  • Look at their portfolio. Is it good and does it seem like legitimate samples?
  • Read their reviews. Are they good and do they seem like real reviews?
  • Look at their estimated delivery time to make sure it works for you.
  • Test a new freelancer with a cheap "no frills" gig. If they're good, then hire them for more expensive work.

Here are some good Fiverr providers. If you also have good ones, please share with me too!

  • ​LOGOS - Obus88 is good for modern, clean style logos.
  • PHOTOSHOP - Salvatorejcs is good and offers a 24-hour express gig.
  • PHOTOSHOP - Sachin81 is the best at removing background on portraits.
  • PRESS RELEASE WRITING - Hughta is a pro and needs little or no revision work.
  • TRANSCRIPTION - Scsolution is good and offers a 24-hour express gig.
  • VIDEO EDITING - Digitaldirector is pro and also very fast.
  • VOICEMAIL AUDIO - Jodipaige did my voicemail and teleconference line messages.
  • WORDPRESS - Mijanulkarim is pro and an excellent communicator (fast, too.)
  • WRITING & EDITING - Bgracious is good & understands women, health, and beauty.

PEOPLE PER HOUR - Freelancers in UK - [20% Discount if you join via my link]
Quality and price are a little higher than Fiverr, but still low-priced overall.

  • SEO FOR WORDPRESS - Peter Mahoney is great! He set up the SEO on my WordPress site using the All-in-One SEO plug-in. Knows what he's doing. Good at explaining how things work. Very affordable as well.


DMCA - Digital Millennium Copyright Act Info - [FREE]
Has someone copied your website or other online content? Learn about how to file a "takedown notice here. Forms and instructions are provided.

LEGAL ZOOM - Online Legal Forms 
They have standard forms and contracts for most business & personal needs. The interface is easy and customer support is good. (Inclusion in this list does not constitute legal advice.)

USPTO - United States Patent and Trademark Office Search - [FREE]
Want to know if a name is trademarked? Go here and do a preliminary search. Will save you some time and money before hiring a lawyer.

WAVE - Online Bookkeeping & Invoicing - [FREE]
Easy to use cloud accounting. Works nicely with PayPal. Their invoicing lets clients pay online using their payment processor. Totally free because it's ad-supported.

WELLNESS CAPITAL - Business Budgets & Bookkeeping - [FREE Consultation]
Monte has been my money guy since 2007. He specializes in wellness/beauty businesses and can create your budget, projections, and even outsource your bookkeeping.