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You already know you need a budget for your spa, skincare, alternative health practice, or wellness clinic. Yet one-size-fits-all budget spreadsheet templates and bookkeeping software don’t give you needed information and zap your energy. Instead of becoming financially savvy like you intended, you find yourself putting things off or relying on an un-reliable bookkeeper, as that pile of paper gets deeper. Let us show you a better way.

Financial advice that fuels your passion.

The passion you have for your holistic business is the spark that can change the world. Don’t let the tedium of number-crunching pull you off purpose. Believe it or not, there are people who actually love that part. Maybe you’ve even hired a bookkeeper or tax person like that. What’s really hard to find is someone who loves that part (and is good at it) but that also understands your business model. As fate would have it in 2007, Jaya met a money guru that specializes in wellness businesses like she does. She has been partnering with his company ever since. We are all for boot strapping and learning new skills, but there are some things that are better outsourced. For most of our clients, this is one of those things.

A Business Wellness Budget done for you.

A business budget can do a number of useful things for you. The first thing is to get an accurate assessment of where you are right now by looking at the details of your finances, including expenses, cash flow, profit margin, debts, and sales. Any competent bookkeeper can organize these numbers, do payroll, and get you ready for taxes, but it often ends there.

Here is why what we offer is not only different, but better.

After your current financials are plugged into a spreadsheet, the next step is to slice, dice, and run through different “what if” scenarios. This part is where it gets fun for even the most money-phobic entrepreneurs. Jaya’s “money guy” Monte will walk you through the whole process in an online meeting. You don’t have to navigate the spreadsheet yourself. You simply have a conversation where you ask questions along the line of, “What happens if I raise prices?” or “Is there another way to compensate employees?” He crunches the numbers on screen for you, so you can see the financial impact of various decisions you might make. Most importantly, he knows what the target numbers for your industry should be and can guide you. No more trying to explain your holistic business model to a condescending analytical-type who doesn’t get it. Now you have a specialist on your team.

It’s better to test financial scenarios on paper, than by making mistakes.

If you learn nothing else from reading this page, it’s this. A properly drafted business budget is not just a glimpse into the past. The way our team does it, it is a crystal ball that shows you the future. We want to help make your business plans come to fruition. Before you invest in implementation, invest in a budget. The savings from avoiding costly mistakes can easily exceed your investment in planning.

As your business grows, so do you.

After you have your most strategic tool: a Business Wellness Budget, Monte will teach you how to use it. However, you won’t be left on your own. Processing your own daily financial data into your bookkeeping is not where you should be spending your time or energy. Monte’s team can also do your bookkeeping remotely. This is completely different than “head in the sand” delegation you might have tried in the past with an ordinary bookkeeper. Now, the pesky tasks can be done for you, so you can focus on the big financial strategies in regular meetings with Monte. That puts you in the power seat where you should be.

An easy thing to say yes to.

Monte offers introductory consultations so there’s no charge to ask your questions and find out if this is right for you. Just fill in the form below and he will get in touch with you. See? It’s already easier.

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