Inspirational Business® Coaching and Consulting

Jaya specializes in advising spas, holistic practitioners, solo estheticians, massage therapists, alternative health professionals, wellness clinics, and socially conscious entrepreneurs.

Attention spa, holistic health, and socially conscious entrepreneurs…

You have a special mission to help make the world a healthier, happier, and more beautiful place. Whether it’s making a difference one client at a time, or by creating a global brand, the spark of inspiration compelled you to take action. Entering the business world may have been intimidating in some ways, especially since your heart, soul, and money are on the line. Not everyone gets what you do. Competition can be daunting. Staff and co-workers can be flakey. Sure, you knew you’d have to learn a lot of business skills along the way, but it’s much harder than you expected! The administrative tasks alone can suck all the joy from your day. You’ve been frustrated and thought about giving up, but you still know this is what you were born to do. So now what?

You may be just one coaching session away from a breakthrough.

To get different results, you must change what you are doing. However, the key is to apply the correct strategies –ones that will improve your business and your life. Let us show you what it could be like if we were on your team.

First, take a look at some of the businesses we work with to see if we might be a match.

Day Spas
Medical Spas
Wellness Clinics
Yoga Studios
Beauty Salons
Personal Trainers
Life Coaches
Intuitive Healers
Massage Therapists
Pilates Instructors
Green Businesses
Wellness Stores
Workshop Presenters
Thought Leaders

Not on the list? We also support holistic-minded people working in mainstream businesses.

What do you need to accomplish? We can help you do it faster, easier, and more effectively.

Our areas of expertise are extensive, but here is a sampling of solutions we provide.

  • Niche creating. Service menu planning. Finding the golden thread that ties all your modalities together into a cohesive package that makes dollars and sense.
  • “Right sizing” practices. Downsizing unhappy owners into profitable solos. Deciding when it’s time to expand. Making an exit strategy so you can do something new.
  • Rebranding a vague, underperforming holistic business so that it will start attracting customers and become aligned with your full power and potential.
  • Creating a marketing strategy that you will enjoy following. One that is effective, without hype, and that is suitable for your budget.
  • Showing you and your employees how to sell more services and products, in a way that feels good to you and your customers.
  • Team building and management. How to hire the best candidates, compensate them, correct poor performance, and build a strong network of alliances.
  • Product development for a better world. We can help you create and develop your brand of health or beauty products, audio/video training programs, or self-published books.
  • Business breakthroughs. We’ll get your money pit on a balanced budget. Replace your technophobia with internet marketing skills. Boost your confidence, so you really shine.

If this sounds like the kind of thing you need, take a look at our coaching plan.

Inspirational Business® Coaching is a one-on-one format where we provide strategic planning, implementation, and accountability in an on-going basis. Unlike a group program, the focus of the work is entirely on your specific needs. Together, we’ll prioritize your goals, make them actionable, and keep you focused for at least the next three months. Here are the other details of how our coaching plan works.

Inspirational Business® Coaching plans include:

  • 2 Coaching sessions per month (50-minutes each.)
  • Quick emails in-between sessions for urgent matters.
  • Sessions are one-on-one, but can also include a manager or partner.
  • Toll free number for appointments (or Skype if outside the US.)

If this is right for you, you should have the following three things:

    1. A sense that our services might be a good match for your needs.
    2. Enough commitment and resources to afford it (even if it feels like a big stretch.)

What’s the 3rd thing you should have? A strategy session.

Book Jaya or one of her team members for a 30 minute phone meeting, so we can discuss your business and show you what it could be like if we were on your team. You’ll get a chance to look at your business anew, as we ask powerful questions and outline a possible strategy to accomplish your goals. We hope you’ll hire us at the end of the call, but in any case, you’ll gain insight into how to improve your business and a plan for what to do next.

3 months from now you can be looking back on your accomplishments or still looking at your to-do list.

Don’t postpone any longer. Get started by self-scheduling your appointment below. Please also complete the brief questionnaire that will help your coach get up to speed on your business quickly. Then we can focus on your areas of concern during our call. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

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