Become a Leading Expert Who Gets Noticed and Gets Paid, Even If You're Introverted or Not Completely Confident Yet

(Without a million dollar marketing budget, overwhelm from going it alone, and having to twist yourself into someone you're not...and don't want to be)

Guru School: The Ultimate Expert Positioning System...


Today's experts and industry leaders have the ability to reach and teach like never before. People who are ready for change and willing to pay for your help are just a few clicks away. In this course, you will learn how to make yourself stand out online so your tribe comes running and singing your praises.


If you've been bootstrapping it, chances are that your branding needs a boost. Chaotic colors, font madness, and a clutter of offerings that don't fit together. We are going to give your business a makeover! You will learn how to become a recognizable brand with a designer look--without an agency price tag.


Whether you're stepping onto the international stage or prefer to be a local leader, you'll want to seize opportunities for getting your message out to people. Let's start with the film crew and camera equipment that's in your pocket. Feel prepared with talking points and learn how to shine on video.


Modern day gurus have unlimited entrepreneurial possibilities. It's easy to get seduced into copying the newest trendy revenue stream, only to find out that it's tedious and not fun for you. When you learn our exclusive Guru Archetype™ system, you will have a product development plan that falls right into your happiness zone.

You'll graduate Guru School mastering these essentials and so much more...

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What's In the Guru School Course Curriculum?

12 Video Modules that will will help you build your expert platform in just 4 months
Modules 1-6 will put a solid foundation under your business & brand
Your Bright Future Awaits

1. PATH 

Gain insight into what it means to become a modern day guru. Then be guided along to meet your future self.

From Idea to Business Plan


The heart & soul of your expert business is the transformation you offer others. We'll plan it out here.

Your Guru Archetype™


It's your time to shine. You will learn the secrets of making yourself iconic & memorable, instead of overlooked.

The Vibe of Your Tribe


Many people teach similar content, but there is still room for you. Learn to differentiate yourself to stand out.

Your Visual Makeover


Discover your true colors and brand your business like a boss. Also learn the do's and don'ts of photo shoots.

Your Words Are Golden


Never fumble, not knowing what to teach or say again. You'll be prepared for interviews, blogs, and videos.

Modules 7-12 introduces the world to our newest leading expert...YOU
Key to Your Online Empire


We won't slow you down with tech, but you will learn how to outsource your website without getting burned.

The Love's Inside Your List

8. LIST  

Your expert empire is built on the relationship you have with your tribe. Learn how to nurture them by email.

Simplified Social Media


Time sucking beast or money maker? Social media can be both. Learn how to simplify your content creation.

Be Confident on Camera


Time for your livestream video debut. Are you nervous? You won't be after completing this step-by-step module.

Your Business Soulmates


Your tribe isn't just customers, it includes relationships with peers. Learn how to partner up for profits.

Your Guru Product Suite™


Many courses teach how to create products. None teach how to choose the right ones. Build a blueprint here.

About Jaya Savannah

Jaya is a business guru for the gurus. Over the past 12 years, she has helped practitioners, coaches, and industry experts to claim their niche, develop their brands, and grow their business. She's often been described as having a "foot in both worlds" because of her deep intuitive insight and knowledge of all things holistic, combined with technical business savvy. During that time, Jaya has grown an international clientele, been published in a best-seller, written for magazines, spoken at respected industry conferences, been interviewed on podcasts and summits, presented seminars, created online video courses, and more.

With all that experience, you might assume she's a naturally confident super extrovert, but you would be wrong. She is actually a highly sensitive, empathetic, ambivert who runs her expert empire from a serene private office. Okay, so she sometimes works at raucous conventions, networking into the night, just to mix it up and keep it fun. Oh, but it's so good to be a guru right now. You can create any lifestyle you want...and when you enroll in Guru School, Jaya will teach you how.

“We all have an innate wisdom deep inside. The mark of true guru is that they bring out the inner-guru in you."

What you will get inside of Guru School...

You will get 12 online video modules released over 4 months. This is a "get it done" course with assignments. Plan a minimum of 4-8 dedicated hours per week for the course.

Since most students have existing businesses to run, we will take extra implementation breaks every 4th week. If you're busy, this lets you catch up and not get left behind.

Downloadable PDF worksheets and checklists will be provided so that you can do assignments, but also be able to refer back to your business plans in the future.

Love to learn on the go? While online videos are available 24/7 from any device with an internet connection, you'll also receive Mp3 audio downloads that you can listen to offline.

Guru School Is New, But We Aren't. Here's Proof...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"Jaya helped me find my niche. I wasn’t sure where to go and was really stuck on figuring out what’s my niche. It was causing me not to progress…After our coaching series, I got really focused. I ended up getting 12 client consultations afterwards because I decided where I wanted to go, and where to spend my energy."

Greg Kusnierz (Strategic Breakthrough Coach)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"When I was searching for a business coach I was looking for someone with an understanding of holistic health, who is patient, flexible, a great listener and who had solid advice-Jaya is all of this and more. I am so grateful to her and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach."

Nicole Glassman (Holistic Health Company Owner)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"It was a transformative experience that I could not have done on my own. The internet is always offering these marketing tools that promise to get more clients, or fill your workshops, etc., but what I really needed -- what all holistic practitioners need -- is niche marketing for the very reasons Jaya explains... This really cinched it for me."

Sandra Emmanouilides (Certified Nutritional Aesthetics Practitioner)

Is Guru School Right for You?

This course offers big breakthroughs to those who are ready to up-level their expertise. These tables will help you decide.


  • You want to be of service teaching and helping others
  • You are willing to take on more of a leadership role at local, national, or international levels
  • You understand that becoming known online means embracing technology and learning how to use it
  • You can commit to giving this course your personal best for the next 4 months until graduation day


  • You are looking for a hustle or "get rich quick" scheme
  • You are in a business where the product is the star and the company personalities are behind the scenes
  • You just want to tap a hot market and get impatient with personal development exercises
    • You're not serious about committing and just want a peek inside during the refund period

100% Happiness Guarantee

I am fully committed to helping you build your expert platform in the next 4 months.

​These strategies work as I'm sharing with you the exact systems and steps that get results for my private clients, and that I have personally been using for years. This course is 15 years faster and at least 5-figures less expensive that what it took me to acquire these skills. I want to bring your expertise to those who need you as quickly as possible, and so I want to make it easy for you to get started now.

You can take the course risk-free for 30 days from when the first module is released. If you do the assignments from all available modules, but don't feel that we've delivered a quality course, I will work with you till you are happy or refund your money.

We do require proof of your completed assignments, so be sure to participate fully in the course in order to be eligible for a refund. We do this because we know that those who do the work will be delighted, and also because we have high standards for peer networking inside our student body.

I hope that graduating Guru School will become one of your proudest accomplishments. Confidently join the next generation of world-class gurus when you enroll today.

PS: Please note that we do not offer refunds in case of interruptions that prevent you from doing the work. Our solution is to give you lifetime access to the course so that you won't miss out if life gets in the way.

Enjoy These Bonuses When You Enroll Now!

When you join Guru School, you instantly set your intention to become a successful expert into motion. We are aligned with your ambitions and are providing some additional bonuses to help you reach your goals.

Access to a private Facebook Group

Guru School students and alumni are an exclusive community of experts and our group is where peer coaching, support, and networking happens.

Consider this your personal positivity zone where it's okay to ask for help, get opinions on your branding decisions, and get loving feedback from people who actually understand what you are trying to accomplish (unlike family & friends on Facebook who can sometimes be less than helpful.)

​$997/year value


Group Coaching with livestream Q&A

You will have the opportunity to ask Jaya your questions during 12 live group coaching sessions broadcast inside our private group. These will be offered the first 3 weeks of the month on Wednesdays at Noon, Pacific.

We will post a call for questions the day before or you can ask questions by chat during the live broadcast. If you cannot attend the livestream, the​ recordings will stay available for you to watch later inside the group.

​$1800 value


Free Class: Delicious Niches On-Demand

Many people struggle with claiming or upgrading their niche, or they don't have a complete understanding of what a niche even is. Fear not, we have you covered with this free bonus class.

Delicious Niches On-Demand is a 90-minute webinar that will help you cook up a hot and delicious niche that will keep customers coming back for more. Watch this instantly and revisit it anytime you need a refresher.

​$47 value


Resource List: Our Curated Favorites

There are an overwhelming number of tools, apps, and online services available to gurus marketing their business. This bonus is a time-saver.

Jaya is a self-identified geek who stays current on internet marketing strategy and tech tools. No really, like obsessively. She's also detailed about comparison shopping and getting the best value. Before you invest in anything new, browse the resource list for recommendations.

​Valuable time-saver!


Total Bonus Value: $2844

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