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How would you like to stop stressing over clients who want you to discount your services and start attracting ideal clients who are highly motivated to work with you?

And how about looking forward to working deeply with your favorite clients and producing fantastic results for them, instead of always hustling to find new clients because so many of them drop in and out, frustrating both of you with how little progress they make?

Sounds less hectic, right? If you’re a highly sensitive person or an introvert, this is your business heaven.

And what if you could breath a heavy sigh of relief because not only do you cover your expenses and then some, but you create record high months worthy of champagne celebrations?

What you’re about to discover is a paradigm shift. By the time you’re done reading this page, you’ll wonder why on earth you didn’t make the leap sooner.

Why Premium Packages Are the Best and Most-Overlooked Solution for Practitioners Who Want a Thriving Business

Most practitioners sell their services on the one appointment at a time model. You have a new client, do an initial assessment of their needs, perform their first service, then rebook their next appointment.

This is flawed for a number of reasons, primarily because there is no actual commitment on the behalf of the client to continue the work. They may be psychologically committed at the beginning, but it’s almost inevitable that as soon as you relieve some of their initial problems, their desire wanes. This can manifest in different ways…After some early progress, they sometimes forget what it was like before and no longer see the value in the work. If your work is very transformative by nature, then it’s almost guaranteed that a client’s internal resistance will come up and start sabotaging things.

This is a very critical time because most practitioners know the client needs to progress to deeper work for lasting results. Yet the odds of a client dropping out too early are exponentially greater when appointments are booked one at a time. This model can sabotage client results and be really frustrating for both of you.

Premium packages are a service or series of services that produces a highly desired result.

When you have a well-designed premium package, you eliminate the potential for clients to sabotage their own results by falling off of your recommended service schedule. Instead, you have an offer that is actually easier to commit to—even when their “stuff” comes up, because it has a defined start and end to it. Let’s face it, no one really looks forward to an ongoing commitment without end. Premium packages get them pumped up and willing to make their work with you a top priority.

Premium packages are an opportunity for you to go deep and get better results.

A premium package is not the same as a regular series, at least not how we do it. Offering clients a series of services, usually at a discount, is a way to get off the one appointment at a time model. Yet offering more of the same for a reduced rate isn’t really powerful enough to motivate most clients. The ones that take advantage of it are the ones that would come in regularly anyway. Most series are really just a loyalty discount plan, not a premium package.

The way we create premium packages is entirely results-based, not quantity based. When you create a package that is results based, you give yourself and your client the opportunity to make really big changes in a specific area. People want this kind of tangibility…practitioners included. Do you thirst for a deeper, more profound experience? Premium packages are the best way to quench your desire. Instead of chipping away at a client’s problem, you go all in... on your terms so that you are working under optimal conditions. Premium packages can make you fall in love with your work all over again.

Premium packages are a way to 10x your sales figures.

Sporadic appointments make for sporadic income. Not good. Premium packages are a way to fill your books with less clients. The shift is that you begin doing better quality work and set your prices accordingly. There are no limits, but a good starting point for many practitioners is to create a premium package that is ten times their average service price. Can you imagine?

Having a 10x day is something to celebrate. When you sell even one premium service package, you have the ability to turn a lackluster month into a spectacular one. If you sell a few of them, you will smash through into abundance levels that you have only dreamed of.

Want More Inspiration About How Premium Packages Can Dramatically Improve Business and Make Your Dreams a Reality?

Check Out This Story About One of Jaya’s Clients!

"When I started working with a client who was a clairvoyant healer, she was doing client sessions one at at time on an as-needed basis. While she was really good at helping to create transformations for her clients, she was struggling to create her own. There were always more bills than money left over at the end of the month. It took a miracle each time to pay them and she barely got by as a single parent.

I helped her create a powerful premium package for her clients. It brought out the best in her work and allowed her to go much deeper with her clients to create enduring changes. Her new premium package also gave my client new found focus. My instructions were clear, 'Tell every one-time client about your new package. No more random one-offs. No creating anything else.  Focus.' …and that is exactly what she did.

Her early results were encouraging. In the first month, she doubled her income. Admittedly, she was under-earning so that took her from $1600 a month to $3200. Maybe not a big number to some of you, but a huge sigh of relief for her. The second month, she made around $4500. The third month brought another big increase…just by focusing on her awesome new package. In month four, she had increased her income to $7200 a month. This was a huge breakthrough! Not only did she raise her bottom-line, but she changed her abundance level. Best of all, this allowed her to fulfill one of her biggest heart’s desires—to travel to Thailand…not just once, but twice because she loved it so much.

Please understand that a 450% income increase is not typical. She got that result because she did the work and made it happen. Yet if you even want a chance at creating a success story like that for yourself, then you need to find a way to create big pay days. Premium packages are one of the best (and probably fastest) ways to do that."      - Jaya Savannah

If you don’t currently offer a premium package, why haven’t you made the leap?

Indeed, it is a paradigm shift… one where the access point is often obscured by unconscious money blocks. Yet now that you see it, the question is…will you take the leap now and make this a breakthrough year for your business?

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