Client Results

Mika Ichihara I have signed up for intensive coaching sessions with Jaya mostly for the purpose of learning how to re-brand my healing services. From the beginning of the conversation, I felt really confident in her experience and expertise in the field of healing. I particularly appreciated her precise suggestions and comments based on her long-term experience. As a business coach, she helped me evaluate my services and re-brand them. It was such a breakthrough process to me… I learned so much from Jaya. Thanks to her strong leading role as a coach, I was extremely motivated and was able to achieve the results more than I expected!

Acupuncturist in New York City, NY Love & Compassion Integrative Health and Healing

Dennis W von ElggJaya was instrumental in helping my practice when business has slowed. She helped me focus on developing areas that actually became an improvement to the kind of practice I had prior to the dip in revenue. I would highly recommend Jaya to any small business in need of a solid jolt of energy and creativity.

Acupuncturist & Chinese Herbalist in BerkeleyThe American Acupuncture Center

Julia WoosterI strongly feel that my investment in this course (Clients & Cash: Promote Your Practice in a Flash) was money well spent. My favorite parts were around creating offers. That taught me a lot. This video series is a worthwhile investment for any holistic practitioner. I’ll be telling all of my Reiki students about it if they want to go into or are already in business.

Life Coach, Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Reiki Master in London, Ontario, Canada

Renee RouleauAs a skin care salon owner, I am in constant search for ways to keep my estheticians educated. They love learning, as it keeps them inspired. But good classes are few and far between. I have my own skin care line, so it’s not advantageous to send them to a class taught by a skin care company, as their push will be on their product line. So, it doesn’t leave me with many options.

I sent three of my estheticians to Jaya and Douglas’ Power Up! seminar and boy, was it ever educational! This two day class taught them about what you really need to know to succeed in this business: the relationship you have with your client and how to make it the best it can be. Looking at this business from a true understanding of what the clients really want, versus what WE think they want, is a real eye opener, and Jaya Savannah and Douglas Preston shed the light on it.

Giving the most advanced, most cutting-edge facial does not guarantee your success. But being taught the tools to connect with your clients is what it’s all about. As Douglas Preston always says, “the one thing that your competition can’t duplicate is the relationship you have with your client.” And this class will show you the secrets. My estheticians got so much inspiration from this class and it was worth every penny! If you want to be truly successful, this is a must!

Spa Owner and Esthetician in Plano & Dallas, TXRenee Rouleau

Blue QuoteI have had a great experience working with Jaya. I have had several conversations where she provided me with answers that would have required me to contact several professionals. She has helped me to locate business tools on the Web and has helped me get my name onto other search engines–definitely over and above what I was to expect. I have already crossed off several items on my original list and look forward to getting and keeping my life on track. I would recommend Jaya to anyone seeking to focus on their life more.

Salon Owner in Mill Valley, CAEdward's Salon

Blue QuoteJaya was very helpful in her ability to sort through all of the distractions and help me identify “essential challenges” I was facing with a growing business and complicated personal life. I recommend her services for those seeking to make the most of their time and their money.

Owner and Designer in Greensboro, NCShow Me a Sign!

Susie RaymondI worked with Jaya 3 yrs ago for approximately 6 months, and as I reflect on our time together and being in this industry for over 10 years it was one of the best business decisions I made during a very pivotal part of my business path.

I had owned my day spa with my brother, and I had just bought him out of the business.  Three months later I hired Jaya.  My intention was to grow a stagnant business through, re-branding, re-marketing, re-naming my business this was risky but it worked.  Along with all of that comes new logo, website design, brochure, re-educating the clients, working with my staff (14) in building client retention and sales.  I also brought in a private label skin care line which has saved me money.  And at the time my final goal was self care.  I have since learned that self care is the most important intention and then things will come much easier.  (I will admit that Jaya’s coaching affects have continued past the 6 months of directly working together in the department of self care, I reflect on her council and I’m able to put it into action.)

I found Jaya’s coaching style to be honest, straight forward, she had wonderful outside resources when needed.  Our timing on things was amazing I reflect on the amount we accomplished together in 6 months and it was quite a feat we were able to easily move mountains.  She would help me to see the big picture when I would have a tendency to get me head buried into the details.

She is intuitive which I appreciate and would bring me into my intuitive side when sometimes at a time like that I was so overwhelmed with all the “to do” stuff my thinking mind took over.  She helped me to recognize that when I slowed down things would flow amazingly well.

Jaya is responsive, available and honest with her communication.  She has a great deal of experience in our industry and a network of resources.  She is always learning and searching for answers so that she can serve her clients in new ways.  She likes to stay up on the trends.

I had a successful launch of my new name “White Sage Spa” new marketing niche and my business went from being stagnant as “The Spa at Le Grande” to growing and attracting new clients who were interested in the healing spa that I created with “White Sage Spa”.  I learned the skills of retention, re-booking and retailing and they have served me well.

Six months ago I chose to transition my business model again maintaining my name and my location and my niche and working toward that final intention of self care.  I became a solo-entrepreneur and I do the services that I love to do in my treatment room and I know longer rent the entire spa and I no longer have all the employees.  I have created  a co-operative spa in the space that we all rent.

Overall I’m sure that you can see that I highly recommend Jaya.  She inspired me to further my client offerings to become a Certified Life Coach 6 months ago.

Esthetician and Life Coach in Milwaukee, WIWhite Sage Spa

Sophie HustonI am so thankful to Jaya for the coaching she provided to me as I ventured into my own Personal Training business. Her vast knowledge of business in general, and the health and beauty industry specifically, was invaluable to me. She was able to provide me with tools and insight that were a perfect match for both my business and my personality, and steer me away from those that would not be profitable or comfortable for me. Being a generally shy person, the thought of networking and “selling” myself and my business was terrifying to me. Now I actually seek out opportunities to meet people and share my passion for fitness with them. I’m still not quite sure how Jaya managed it; the transition was so smooth and easy it felt like magic!

Personal Trainer in San Anselmo, CA

Todd TuretskyI could talk about how I am now consistently moving towards a more personally, creatively, and financially rewarding business while simultaneously being of increased benefit to society moving into the niche where I have the most to offer. But I would rather get into the essence of some of the gifts that have come into my life since beginning to work with Jaya.

Increased productivity without having to up the pace or work longer hours. With the clarity of a Zen master guiding one back to the center when the various stuff that gets in the way surfaces blocking the ability to clearly see. A combination of positive reinforcement with accurate and honest observations where what needs support is supported while what calls for challenge is challenged. Clarification of the aspiration mutually supported with practical steps towards increased profitability that will allow a creative expression to support one’s day to day needs. And most recently aiding in the process of facing, opening, and suffering through the inevitable loss of those one holds dear and loves and guiding one back to heart.

When I think of whom Jaya is to me it is very clear that she is a coach, consultant, mentor, teacher, colleague, and friend whom I feel blessed to have in my life.

Acupuncturist in Santa Rosa, CA

Monica WrightJaya really cares about me achieving what I set out to achieve. She stays on me in a gentle but firm way to ensure that I stay on track. I struggled with this and she hung in there, constantly reminding me of the importance of creating a niche, putting it out there and staying focused on that! She would bust me when I needed busting in ways like sharing her intuition or cautioning me against something that she felt wasn’t going to serve me (in her gentle but firm way) and I always appreciated that! She has a lot of business savvy for small business owners which was exactly what I was looking for. She also has a great sense of humor, as well as can meet me in the emotional arena. I think she’s great!

Certified Nutrition Consultant in San Anselmo, CANutrition Savvy

Miriam LytleI’m sure there are many of you who can relate to life changes. At mid-life, you take a good look at what you want out of the next half and re-evaluate. Suddenly it occurs to you that it’s your passion you want to pursue. I kept thinking about my passion as a skin care specialist and licensed esthetician, and decided to follow my dream. So I bought a day spa business last year. It was a dream come true.

It was at that time that I started working with Jaya. I just feel she’s lifted my passion to a higher level. Over the last several months, I’ve been impressed by Jaya’s vast knowledge, coaching skills and keen insight into our industry. She’s taken great personal interest, and all of the advice she’s given me has been right on the mark.

The results validate this. My clientele is growing, I’m in the process of creating my own line of skin care products, I’ve added services, hired additional staff, and so much more. And it hasn’t even been a year since acquiring the business!

Spa Owner and Esthetician in Grass Valley, CAWolf Mountain Day Spa

Valerie YagerIn the time that I have worked with you, I have gained confidence and clarity. I now have insight into non-productive habits that sabotage my success and how to handle them. The coaching experience was fun, challenging and exciting. I felt completely nurtured and supported by someone who really understood my challenges. I was amazed at the endless resources, solutions and ideas that Jaya shared with a wonderfully abundant source of enthusiasm! I loved my coaching experience with her and I feel proud of what I accomplished with Jaya’s help.

Clinical Esthetician in Sacramento, CAGlow Esthetics and Spa Therapies

Jen AlyJaya has an authentic and passionate way of inspiring action in the direction you want to go in. She is committed to giving thorough support, insightful clarity, and practical advice. She always gives 100%. It is valuable having her on your side to cheer you on when things are challenging.

Years after working with Jaya, I find myself referring back to what I learned during the months I worked with her. I moved forward in my business and gained confidence in myself as a business woman by having Jaya in my corner. She brings in so much experience and sets such an impeccable, successful, and authentic model.

Business Coach for Creatives in Asheville, NCJen Aly Coaching

Michelle KruegerHow can I express what Jaya has done for me? Makes my eyes fill with tears to think about it. I think one of the toughest parts being about being a solo entrepreneur is feeling like you’re alone in the journey. Every day there are new choices to be made, some of them could make or break your dream. At times that reality feels so heavy that you can’t make a move in any direction. I was at that place. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to even take another step. What Jaya did for me was to help me get out of my own way so I could see my own accomplishments. She helped me to define my vision so that the choices became easy. She dragged me kicking and clawing down the road of learning to write copy for my website—thank you Jaya.

Jaya has helped me to focus on the stuff that really matters and I’ve learned to let go of the things that simply weighed me down. My business is only a tiny part of who I am and it was taking over my life. I have a more healthy perspective and am starting to feel more balanced. Since this is an ongoing journey, I will take what she’s’ve taught me and grow. When I’m ready I know Jaya will be here for me.

Esthetician in Cedarburg, WI SkinCare Solutions

Pink QuoteI contracted with Jaya for three months in 2004. She was an inspiring, insightful and professional coach, and was very valuable to me during the very early stages of planning my business, North Bay Eldercare Options.

Jaya is perceptive and intuitive, a very “present” listener, and wise beyond her years. Her coaching felt very personalized to me – she does not use a “one-size-fits-all” style. She has an ability to get to the heart of issues – all of our sessions felt very well spent and I never felt as though I was wasting money. Jaya gave me some useful tools that I am still using, including being on the mailing list for her e-newsletters.

Eldercare Business Owner in Marin & Sonoma Counties, CANorth Bay Eldercare Options

David Leigh WeberI’ve worked with Jaya for over four years. She has been an amazing coach and knows just the right thing to say and where to direct the conversation, even if you don’t. She does not waste any time, so every session is jam packed. She also offers tons of other bonuses, often in the form of some new methodology or software that she found. Those alone are worth the price of admission. She is never judgmental. Instead, she can sense, on a deeply intuitive level, what IS needed at the time, again even if you don’t know it.

My business has grown leaps and bounds with Jaya, and she is never afraid to ‘go there’ if something is necessary. For example, she literally coached me to do nothing for a week as I needed a massive break from myself and my business – I will putting too much pressure on myself for results, and that affected every aspect of my life. This one tip, in December of 2009, got me ready for the explosive growth I am seeing in 2010. I would have been stuck in a horrible rut otherwise.

One last thing – with Jaya you have a dialogue. She LISTENS to what you have to say and every interaction is truly interactive.

Speaker and Author in San Mateo, CALearn About Flow

Greg Kusnierz 100Jaya helped me find my niche. Working with her was a really great experience. Coming into our coaching with Jaya, I wasn’t really sure about it. I knew I wanted a coach. I wasn’t sure where to go, but I was really stuck on figuring out what’s my niche. It was causing me not to progress.

So, Jaya and I worked through it. We talked about the different things that I’m looking for, what kind of people am I trying to serve. We decided to focus on online entrepreneurs. She really helped me come up with the tag line “I help online entrepreneurs find their groove in their life and business.”

Since then, I’ve got clarity. Just the fact that I was able to talk to somebody who knows what she’s talking about, gave me clarity. After our coaching series, I got really focused. I ended up getting 12 client consultations afterwards because I decided where I wanted to go, and where to spend my energy— and it was really thanks to Jaya.

Something else besides her niche work really helped me during our coaching sessions. There was a moment when I was getting really frustrated about my new business, and I was going to say, “You know, Jaya, I’m done. I want to quit.” And, you know what? She didn’t let me do it, and I’m really grateful that she didn’t. Because of that, I was able to get clear on what I wanted, and then I ended up getting 12 clients. So, a big ‘Thanks!’ to Jaya.

Strategic Breakthrough Coach in Chicago, ILGreg Kusnierz

Colleen KeeneJaya’s perspective as a coach in which she bridges these two worlds of “healers” and “business” has been invaluable. I think she is a rare breed. At least I don’t meet many people who have such clarity and good sense and integrity in both areas. I believe the healing professions need the kind of healing that comes with her good sense and clarity about business. I came to the healing profession with my own personal baggage around the “money” side of business and how it shouldn’t be important or ever stand in the way of “helping” someone as well as not feeling like I deserve to get paid for what I do. As a woman in a healing profession, without any experience running a business, I have needed the kinds of support and perspective and guidance Jaya has been able to give me around this issue. I trust her insights and integrity. Thanks for having my back all this time.

As my business consultant I have been able to count on Jaya to give me the nuts and bolts of how to price my services, how to market as well as how to identify my patterns that don’t serve me and what to do to get out of them. She has done this with compassion and a sense of humor. She has also been very patient with me. I appreciate that as well.

Acupuncturist in Petaluma, CA

Yehudit Steinberg CaudillJaya has been a great inspiration to me personally and to my business. Several times over the past 5 years I’ve hired her during transitional periods in my business. She is my go to person for the big shifts. Her intuitive insights have always been helpful in problem solving for me. I tend to hire Jaya when I’m at a crossroads and want a level headed savvy business coach with a creative intuitive heart. She has helped instill confidence in myself and take me to the next level in my business. What I love about working with Jaya is her kind gentle way to deal with hard issues. Her authentic caring helps me know that advice is offered from the head and heart. Her uncanny ability to shift from helpful tips in admin and financial systems to a brainstorming marketing PR session is so beneficial for an entrepreneur. I learn so much from Jaya. I definitely recommend her.

Jewish, Interfaith, Cross-Cultural Wedding Consultant in El Cerrito, CAYehudit Steinberg

Pink QuoteI wanted to update you on my first day back at the job (after the Power Up! For Management seminar.) I was a lot more confident then I thought and realized as soon as I got here that I was going to focus today on catching up with all the paperwork. And throughout the week I would put myself in the back with all the therapists teaching everything that you both had taught me.

I wanted to let you know that one of my therapists who has been very shy about putting herself out in the gym to meet people and promote herself. I told her today to put the massage chair out that we just purchased a couple of weeks ago. She brought it out (it was a very slow hour at the gym to put it out, and she still did) and within the hour she sold herself a client! A lady came in and bought a series worth $500 and she also pre-booked all those appointments for the next 2 months with that therapist! I was so proud of her and hugged her and she was just glowing! It lifted her confidence as well as her paycheck! It really does start with me, and my ability to give the push. My confidence to feel like I am telling the employees the right thing to do, and that it will work, turns into the employee having confidence to go do something like that. Thank you so much again for everything!

Assistant Spa Director in Irvine, CA

Pink QuoteThrough positive inquiry Jaya has helped me bring forth my own decisions about what I need to do to create the life I want. Though I am navigating some major life changes and that’s not always easy, after each session I notice feel clear and excited about my next steps. My confidence has been renewed.

Principal, Creative Director in San Francisco, California Kollar Design

Pink Quote2006 started with Jaya and Douglas’ Practitioner’s Business Course and ended with a six figure gross for this solo esthetician! I set goals at the seminar that I thought were ridiculous at the time. Especially the monetary goal I set. Not only achieve my monetary goals, it helped me achieve many personal goals.

My small business grossed six figures in 2006 which was a huge increase over the previous year. Since the seminar, I have streamlined my business to three days a week and still doubled my personal service sales. I have fired clients who did not fit the practice I envisioned for myself and they still are happy because I found them somewhere that fit them better . I have gone to a referral only model and have a 75% retention rate on all new clients. This program rocks!!!!

Esthetician in Idaho Falls, ID

Dawn Lorraine I cannot say enough about how wonderful Jaya is. When I met her I was struggling, overwhelmed and stressed out being a new Day Spa owner. Jaya really “got me” on many levels and helped me see that there was another option for me that I hadn’t considered and that fit me better. She also supported me through some very rough times and difficult transitions in my business and helped me clarify my business direction so that it truly matches me as an individual. She was essential in helping me make the transition from being a Day Spa (which although it had always been my dream, didn’t fit my personality style and life goals) to being a high end solo esthetician. She helped me see it was a better match for me and helped me let go of ego attachments I had to being “big”. For me, smaller is better. She also helped me look realistically at my finances and re-evaluate my spending. I have substantially reduced my expenses with her help. Jaya’s direction recently landed me in the right location and business model, and I am soooo much happier, pinch me! I highly recommend her for private coaching–go for it!

The return on the Practitioners Business Course is almost immeasurable. My best day before, excluding Christmas gift certificates was $1200.00, but my average was about $500. With the new client interview technique, I have had six $1000 days—boosting my average to $700/800, and one day totaling nearly $3000.! For an esthetician in business just a little over a year, in a totally new location, with pricing in this area well-below metropolitan areas, that is nothing short of amazing!!!

And the client feedback is amazing as well. All have greatly appreciated the extra care and attention and gladly agreed to add-ons and entirely new product programs. One in particular stands out because she interrupted me mid-sentence and told me that she had been getting facials for nearly 20 years and never had anyone ask her the questions I asked or be such a “true professional” She now calls herself my “client for life,” after only 3 sessions. She wanted to purchase all new products with her 10 session microderm package—she bought everything….I mean everything! I have noticed a really big difference between the new clients and prior ones and would love to know a graceful way to introduce this interview with  those clients. Most of all its been really rewarding to create such solid client relationships right away. The new clients have been telling all their friends and it wont be long before $1000 is a slow day.

I must also give a plug and thank you for Jaya’s Inspirational Days & Nights CD. Since I don’t have time to actually put aside to listen to it, I made a compromise. I listen to it in the car on my way to and from the shop. It gets me focused by the time I get there and helps me unwind on the drive home. Its been a great tool for me to get really clear on what I need to do that day other than seeing clients and helps me to let go of “The List” of things to do in my head. Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective.

Master Esthetician in Nevada City, CADawn Lorraine Conscious Skincare

Elisa Beth BennettTwo weeks ago I made a firm commitment to be a law of attraction happiness coach.  One week ago I had a call with Jaya to help me focus my scattered dream into reality.   I came away with a very clear idea of my business and brand.  Since my position at my day job, just so happened to be eliminated as of yesterday, I am the most excited about the fact that I have a clear plan to begin making money in the next 30 days.  My Delicious Niche and the product idea we created is “Happiness Coach and Creator of The Fairy Godmother Plan: 30 Days to Get Your Happy On.”  Thanks to Jaya, I’m ready to bring it!

Happiness Coach in Santa Ana, CAElisa B. Bennett

Sarah BeardenJaya has been my life and business coach for the past several years. Since I have been consulting with Jaya I have been able to clarify my business goals and have streamlined my business plan. Jaya’s coaching has saved me countless hours of ruminating over what I should do, whether my business decisions were good ones or not so good, and whether or not to take the plunge into areas that excited me but seemed to also be intimidating. Working with Jaya is like having a voice on your shoulder that says “You can do it”, “it will work” or “this is not so good for you, but why don’t you try…” and…her voice has always been right. Jaya has also helped me through a very difficult personal time in my life. It is comforting to know that she is in my corner.

Nutritionist and Holistic Practitioner in Kentfield, CARoots to Health

Blue QuoteJaya helped me take my business to the next level. I truly felt supported as she helped to create a safe space for me to grow as a practitioner and business person. I also appreciated that she was always 100% present during our sessions. She made work fun and at the same time kept me on track to achieve my goals. I definitely recommend her services to my friends and colleagues. I still listen to Jaya’s Inspirational Days & Nights CD all the time.

Integrative Medicine Physician in San Francisco, CA

Anika RayJaya is an exceptional coach! Her expertise and knowledge have helped me get focused and create a great concept for my life coaching business. I feel more confident about my product and because of that I’m noticing an increase in my client base. I’m definitely keeping her as a coach and I recommend her to anyone that is serious about being successful in the holistic industry.

Spiritual Life Coach, Las Vegas, NV

Sandra Emmanouilides 100My experience working with Jaya on defining my niche was like getting a really detailed astrology reading for my career. It was part inquiry, part therapy, part intuitive reading…all designed to take us both on this journey inside my head AND my heart. I loved the dynamic over Skype and the ease of just having a really intimate and strategic conversation–it was so well organized and effective. I appreciated the detailed preparation guidelines which helped prepare for the series of questions and tasks that were planned for the day, and to create a ‘retreat’ space for myself— with candles and incense, a hot cup of tea, a pitcher of water, healthy snacks, and tissues in case I cried – lol. She explained the format and kept me on task—we were definitely on a mission and this program really delivered.

Jaya held space for me to open up, face my fears, and challenge my inner critic. During our session, it was as if my ego was carefully teased out from my soul’s longings which allowed me to look deeply into my inner landscape and figure out what I wanted the world to see vs. what was burning inside of me that wanted to come out and be seen. I was surprised how far back we journeyed into my past experiences and passions to identify those things that light me up. Jaya took all these ingredients from my past experiences and passions and whipped up an elegant, flavorful meal with just the right amount of spice!

It was a transformative experience that I could not have done on my own.  The internet is always offering these marketing tools that promise to get more clients, or fill your workshops, etc., but what I really needed — what all holistic practitioners need — is niche marketing for the very reasons Jaya explains–create programs that satisfy the three key ‘must have’s’ :  WANT, NEED, AND AFFORD.  This really cinched it for me.

Certified Nutritional Aesthetics™ Practitioner in Media, PANutritional Aesthetics Alliance

Nicole GlassmanJaya has been an incredible resource for my business–which is constantly growing and transforming. Whenever I need her perspective she is available and she always provides grounded, sound advice from a holistic perspective. When I was searching for a business coach I was looking for someone with an understanding of holistic health, who is patient, flexible, a great listener and who had solid advice-Jaya is all of this and more. I am so grateful to her and I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a coach who can grow with you and really understand the needs of your individual business!

Holistic Health Company Owner in New York, NY Mindful Health

Amber GolshaniI have been very pleased with the accomplishments (personal and professional) I have made over a short time and I thank Jaya for helping me along the way. She helped me see the value in my practice and the best areas to make it grow. I will be going on maternity leave and still have some sources of income. I also feel that with Jaya’s help, my business will continue to grow and evolve during my leave, to blossom even larger when I return. Jaya has helped me to clarify my goals, set a plan of action and hold me accountable for its implementation and completion. In short, she’s been part coach, part consultant, and part counselor and friend all while being a true professional.

Naturopathic Physician in Easton, MDDr. Amber Golshani

Blue QuoteJaya came to our salon when we had just lost our salon coordinator who had been with us for 10 years. Jaya reorganized the whole of our front desk procedures to be more consistent and efficient. She took on almost every aspect of the salon’s management, all the while fully documenting every change or new, more streamlined procedure. Jaya’s knowledge & insight into the beauty industry is vast, and has a knack to quickly put her finger on a “weak spot” & offer various solutions and then implement them with a minimum of fuss. Her attributes of efficiency, reliability, and common sense allowed us to feel completely at ease.

Salon Owner and Salon/Spa Software Creator in Petaluma, CACrimpers Management Software

Pink QuoteJaya has an uncanny intuition into areas of improvement within a business, and employs many creative outcome based solutions. Her communication style makes identifying issues and solutions so easy, and fun. I would heartily recommend her.

Day Spa Owner in Kalispell, MTEssentials Day Spa