Strategy Session Application

JSI Jaya blue round 250Are you ready to take your holistic practice to a whole new level? I specialize in advising spas, holistic practitioners, solo estheticians, massage therapists, alternative health professionals, wellness clinics, and socially conscious entrepreneurs who want to grow their business.

You may be just one session away from a breakthrough.

Do you remember how powerful the calling was when you first started your business? I want to give you that feeling again. To inspire you to get really clear on your purpose, craft your niche, and take the correct actions to turn your into a business into one that is financially sustainable and personally fulfilling.

If that sounds like the transformation you deeply desire, I invite you to apply for a 30-minute strategy session with me. During our call, we will talk about the vision you have for your business. I’ll also ask you about what actions you’ve taken so far. Then and I’ll recommend a strategy to you and tell you about the solutions we offer to help get it done. You and me–easy as one, two, three.

Get started by completing the online interview form below. Your answers will help me get up to speed on your business quickly, so we can focus on creating a strategy for you on our call.

In spirit,

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