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Business training for holistic practitioners, solo estheticians, massage therapists, wellness clinics, spa professionals and front desk employees.

You’ve invested thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars into modality training. That’s helped you launch your career and shaped who you are. How do you then take that out into the world and make a sustainable income from it? If you’ve got a staff, how do you motivate and teach them as well? There are a lot of components that create a total solution, but some of the areas we believe are mission-critical include service and retail sales, rebooking, customer service, team leadership, employee management, and grass roots marketing. Just as there are must-do procedures in your modalities, these are must-do procedures in your business.

Let us provide your post-secondary holistic business education.

We’ve got the strategies and practical solutions needed to make your solo practice, wellness clinic, day spa, yoga studio, or socially conscious retail store thrive. Our programs keep it real with some “been there, done that” humor. We really explain the philosophies behind our approach, so the light bulbs go on in class and stay lit afterwards. We want to get you focused on the right actions, instead of the distractions, so you begin to see results in targeted areas of your business that need improvement.

So you live all the way out in the middle of nowhere?

Hosting the training onsite helps the instructor to better demonstrate procedures and makes role play seem more real. So if you’ve got enough staff or members of your organization to warrant it, we’ll pack our bags and come deliver a great onsite training. Not the case? Not a problem. Our training programs can all be done by telephone and internet.

Breakout sessions and an after-hours party? We are so there.

Jaya and her associates are available to speak at industry trade shows and conferences. We’ve got content that attracts decision makers and adds takeaway value for attendees. Some past events that Jaya has presented at include The International Esthetics, Cosmetics, and Spa Conferences in Las Vegas and Orlando (IECSC); Day Spa Expo in Las Vegas; Spa Owners & Operators Clinic in Chicago; and Mind Body Spirit Conference in Santa Clara.

Some of the programs we have created:

  • Clients & Cash: Promote Your Practice in a Flash
  • Power-Up! Practitioners Business Course
  • Power-Up! Front Desk: Creating a Highly Successful Front Desk Team
  • Really Simple Rebooking Strategies
  • The Empowered Manager: Developing Your Leadership Skills
  • Racing to the Finish Line: Coaching Strategies for a Winning Team
  • Power Meetings: How to Conduct an Effective Staff Meeting

Think that a training might be the kick start your business needs?

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