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Christian Business & Ministry Coaching to help you make an impact online

Discover Your Gifts

Serve Your Community

Enjoy a Fruitful Life

Your Story

Do you experience any of these progress blockers?

  • Fear of rejection and failure
  • Putting things off because you feel inadequate
  • Desire to serve, but life is already so busy
  • Overwhelm from all the tech needed to be online
  • Lacking guidance and a supportive community

These don't have to continue being your story...

We Believe

Your story is for God's glory.

Every Christian has experienced at least one miracle and that is being born again. You are a living testimony for Jesus.

We want to bring out the best in you...for Him.

  • Discover your gifts and identity in Christ so you can let go of your past and grab hold of what God wants for you.
  • Plant a sweet little ministry or business. You don't have to be perfect for God to use you. You just have to take action.
  • Experience courageous Christian living so that nothing stops you from enjoying a fruitful and juicy life.

Our Work

Coaching & Branding. One-on-One. Let's Get it Done.

Your Life

In Christ, you have been given a new life. So what are you going to do with it? Christian Life Coaching can help you determine your gifts, set God-centered goals,  and take step-by-step action on the things that God has entrusted you to do.

Your Work

Are you called to run a faith-based business or online ministry? There has never been an easier time for Christians to work and share their faith online. God is raising up a new generation to bring Him glory and we want to be a part of it!

Your Online Brand

Social media. Websites. Video. We all have a digital pulpit in our pocket. Let's equip you for increased visibility with a polished professional brand, tech tools that work for you, and easy methods to get your message out.

Meet Jaya

I get it. Stepping out in faith isn't easy.

Ever felt like you can't rise above your circumstances and do great things for the kingdom? Busy or not, God wants to use you as an inspiration to others.

Your life experiences and hardships make you one of a kind and show others that you can survive rough patches in life and come out the other side. You might doubt your ability to be an inspiration to others, but we know that God uses imperfect people for His glory.

As a Certified Life Coach and a Christian, I know how to help you sift through the rubble and find all the precious gems the Lord has given you. Your everyday Christian life can produce a testimony that shines like a diamond.

I have also helped hundreds of purpose-driven businesses, coaches, speakers, trainers, and practitioners to discover their best niche, refine their messaging, and have designed beautiful online branding for their websites and social media. Let's make you sparkle!

 "Jaya is an exceptional business strategist...If you are ready to get your ministry/business off the ground and are confused about your next steps, it is a must you book a session now.

Artiz Stroud
Certified Life Coach for Christian Fathers

Here's how to get started

Schedule a Clarity Call

This is a quick call to get clear on what you need and see if that aligns with the ways that we help. If so, then we'll get started on a plan.

Get the Support You Need

Depending on your priorities, you'll begin with private coaching, group coaching, an online course, or have your brand design done.

Be an Inspiration to Others

Your investment in yourself will result in more focus, self-confidence, and equip you to lead an inspirational life, ministry, or business.