Become a more elegant & feminine woman

Coaching for women who've had enough struggle and want to create a soft life

Upgrade Your Style

Feel More Feminine

Create a Soft Life

Your Story

Are these struggles holding you back?

  • You’ve changed, but still look and dress like your past self
  • Heavy responsibilities have left you feeling unfeminine
  • You settle for bad situations instead of better opportunities
  • You long for an elegant lifestyle, but don’t feel worthy of it

These things don't have to continue being part of your story...

Our Work

We help women cultivate a soft & beautiful lifestyle

Life Coaching

Your coach will help you develop a new outlook, build a better self-image, and design a lifestyle that fully supports you.

Personal Branding

An elegant woman is refined, yet highly memorable. We’ll help you establish a uniquely beautiful personal brand.

Supportive Community

Our group programs are designed to support you through your journey from the beginning to end. We are better together.

Meet Jaya

I get it.

I’ve survived some hard things in life. Traumas, dramas, and everything in between. I learned how to be strong. More than one person has called me the strongest woman they know. Yet underneath that strength, was a woman longing for a softer life who felt unworthy.

By faith in God who made me, I began to see my life through a different lens. The conflict I always felt between feminist cultural ideals and my natural feminine desires started to heal. I went on to shed +60 pounds of excess weight, revamp my wardrobe, and level up. Now I say ‘yes’ to a softer life.

It doesn’t matter your stage or age, you can reinvent yourself and change your future. If you’ve had enough of the struggle life and want to become a softer more elegant you, I’d love to support you.

Here's how to get started

Schedule a Clarity Call

No pressure. This is a quick call to get clear on what you need and see if that aligns with the ways that we help.

Begin Your Transformation

You will have a kick off call with your coach to access your current situation and create a plan for the next 90 days.

Experience a Softer Life

Goodbye struggle. Hello soft life! Your investment will result in more confidence, better choices, and an elegant new you.