Coaching for women who want to live a soft life in a hard world

Become More Elegant

Feel More Feminine

Live More Luxuriously

Your Story

Are these holding you back?

  • You’ve succeeded, but neglected yourself along the way
  • Heavy responsibilities have left you feeling unfeminine
  • You settle for bad situations instead of better opportunities
  • You long for an elegant lifestyle, but don’t feel worthy of one

These things don't have to continue being part of your story...

Our Work

We help women cultivate a soft & beautiful lifestyle

Life Coaching

Your coach will help you develop a new outlook, build a better self-image, and design a lifestyle that fully supports you.

Personal Branding

An elegant woman is refined, yet highly memorable. We’ll help you establish a uniquely beautiful personal brand.

Community support

Our group programs are designed to support you your journey from the beginning to end. We are better together.

Meet Jaya

She gets it.

For many women, life is filled with trauma. Jaya has been through it and as a result, tried to overcompensate through willpower and hard work. What Jaya learned is that the message of culture that says "do it all, so you can have it all" is a lie. Struggling to get there only embeds struggle deeper into your lifestyle.

Jaya has found peace from struggle and burnout by growing her faith in God and embracing her femininity. Having discovered these principals, she has become a woman who is focused on flourishing and helping others do the same.

If you are a woman who feels disillusioned by the struggle of life but is ready to rapidly create a soft and beautiful lifestyle instead, it's time to turn things around with expert guidance. Jaya is the coach for you!

Here's how to get started

Schedule a Clarity Call

No pressure. This is a quick call to get clear on what you need and see if that aligns with the ways that we help.

Begin Your Transformation

You will have a kick off call with your coach to access your current situation and create a plan for the next 90 days.

Experience a Softer Life

Goodbye struggle. Hello soft life! Your investment will result in more confidence, better choices, and an elegant new you.